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Parris Island Pics

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  2. Your just teasing me! :tongueout: I'm headed down there in August. Do you have anymore pictures? When did you graduate PI?
  3. A long time ago, 1987. I guess I am now Old Corps!
  4. Funny how you're there during boot camp.........the whole damn time I was there I NEVER knew which way was taken to get off the island until graduation day.

    A little boot camp story.........

    Three weeks into boot camp a sh!t bird in my platoon decided he had enough of getting picked on by the DI's. One night he tried his great escape - he was a state champ swimmer in high school (or so he boosted)......he planned on walking through the swamp (behind our squad bay/barracks, was first battalion) and swimming across the bay to Beaufort then catching a bus home. Well D!ckhead didn't count on the swamp being mostly mud.......as he was trying to negotiate the mud he got caught chest deep in it......tide came in and he drown.

    Well needless to say - the Fire Watch and D!ckhead's Squad Leader (Me) ended up paying for D!ckhead's stupid decision for two days on the quarter deck and in the pit.......

    What memories you pics bring back!!

    Plt 1116 - Bravo Co - 1st Bn
  5. That "new" reception center was a pile of bricks when I graduated 30 April 86.

    I remember standing guard post out at the marina. There was a lone Budweiser sign blinking at me from across the water.

    Damn, that was a long time ago...

    3rd B/ I Co./ Plt 3032
  6. No, it wasn't a long time ago! I graduated in January 1988 from Plt 1008, and when I read stuff like this it seems like yesterday.
  7. 1979....Plt 1081 :supergrin:
  8. I was in 3rd Bn. After graduation my Dad, also a Marine wanted to go to the rifle range. I told him that I wanted to really get off this ever loving island and on the road home (and into a motel room with my girlfriend...). He said the rifle range was just about a mile down the road.

    I told him that no, it was 15 miles away. He asked why I thought that. And I told him that's because that's how far we had to march to get there. We did a 15 mile hump to the rifle range.

    Sure enough it was about a mile down the road...
  9. I Graduated in 2000 2nd battlion G company plt 2014
  10. wow i am old .... i graduated in 1964 and was floating in the south china sea 9 months later. i was 17 so they were not gonna let me go to viet nam but i turned 18 and landed in 1965 semper fi boys
  11. BOOTS! I graduated in August, 1962. That was before they turned PI into a boy scout camp.

  12. The grand old man ! :wavey:

    I graduated in 1995 Plt 2024! Imagine my surprise when the bus that was supposed to be taking me to Camp Snoopy that summer pulled into PI.

  13. 3rd Battalion 3069 1988, last ones to eat in that rotten old chow hall at the range and the first ones to eat in the new one. Funny thing was on those pictures, I SWEAR when I saw the recieving barracks, I could smell the salt water and alligator Sh*@!!! Thanks for the memories....OOH RAH!!
  14. I never want to see those yellow foot prints again. Thanks for the memories
  15. I have to say, that everytime I vacation on Harbor Island with the family, I HAVE to look right going over the 21 By-pass bridge to see Parris Island. It is a great feeling to see that big USMC water tower and know that our Nation's Finest are there becoming part of the greatest military force on the planet.

    Thank you all for your service and God Bless.

  16. In 1983 I was a "Hollywood Marine" Plt 1057. The runway of the San Diego airport is the other side of the west fence of MCRD SD. They told us a story of a recruit who jumped the fence and tried to grab the landing gear of a 727 and fly home. It didn't work. Thanks for the photos. Semper Fi.
  17. Thanks for the nice pictures.

    3rd Battalion, India Co., 3024!
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