Paranoia with my new Glock 23 (cleaning/lube)

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Eradik, Feb 28, 2010.

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    Feb 24, 2010
    Good evening everyone! First post, so I might as well start with some background. Grew up around guns, my dad had a .357 Magnum (or something similiar), rifles, shotguns, etc. and I have finally decided to get a self defense handgun and my CHL. Did about a month of research and decided last week to get a Glock 23.

    Fast forward to yesterday. Took her out to the range, fired off 200 rounds. Every round fired without a hitch, not a single issue! My friend I was shooting with and I went back home and we starting cleaning our pistols.

    Now, I have read the instructions a dozen times, and took his advice. I'm just.... a smidge worried I might of done something wrong, or at the very least should maybe adjust my technique for future cleanings.

    Field stripped, and I used Winchester Breakfree CLP. Sprayed a little bit a brush and then used it to break up the big spots, then I sprayed a little bit on patches and Q Tips and cleaned all around the slide, barel, frame, all that stuff (never sprayed it directly on anything). After the initial runthrough with the CLP, I used several Q tips to just wipe everything up, all the nooks and crannys, until they came out white.

    I then used some Rim Oil in the 6 spots recommended by Glock (except the slide, which still had copper. I was following directions to leave that alone until it went away). Actually, recalling, I think I put a smidge on the rails of the slides. Anyway, I put the oil on the end of a Q tip and applied it to all the areas in the manual, with an exception to the outside of the barrel in which I put the oil on the patch and wiped it around the outside of the barrel.

    Whew. I talked a lot there! Sorry for the long read. Needless to say, I just would like to know if using the CLP and the Rim Oil would be too much? I guess in my long boring night of google and youtubes tonight made me worry, as I found a lot of too-much-lube horror stories!

    Been lurking a lot on these forums the past few weeks, now that I'm an owner I shall look forward to meeting all of you! Thanks for any opinions you can offer