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"Parang" - dialect?

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Kumusta, Cousins!

I was recently talking about machetes and bolos with my dad. He felled a small tree and planned on using his hand saw and machete to reduce it to manageable size (for the exercise). The man loves to swing a machete. I mean he loves it!

Anyway, during the discussion of his penchant for using anything bolo-like in our back yard, I asked him if he knew the term "parang." I've seen the term when people (usually non-Filipinos) who are talking about Filipino-ish martial arts with respect to big knives that we (my dad and I) would call a bolo. He was not familiar with the word.

Today it dawned on him that another word for bolo in our family's dialect (Pampangan) is "palang." Seems like it's probably the same word, maybe separated by a few provinces here and there.

Does anyone know which dialects or regions use the term "parang" instead of bolo or palang? Or is it a completely different kind of biga** knife?

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Hey, Cousin Horge:

Thanks for the response! That makes good sense, and it's interesting that you attrtibute it to the same province where most of my family originated.

I have heard "barong" for a big knife/sword too, but it's also a shirt (i.e. "barong tagalog"). What's the deal there?

This is kind of like the word "pudding" applying to four or five completely different kinds of food in the UK.

Of course, here in the USA, "loosen" and "unloosen" mean exactly the same thing. :supergrin:

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I'm definitely a question asker!

Okay, now I'm going to need to hear a few people say both "barong" and "baro'ng" aloud so I can get the hang of it.

This relates to one of my regrets about the four years I spent in the San Francisco Bay Area. I could have (should have) studied Pilipino-Tagalog formally at any of the community colleges that offered it as a language there. I lived in Alameda and Alameda Community College had it on the syllabus for every single term!

I also wasted four years of easy access to dozens of cousins (by blood), hundreds of relatives, and thousands of otherwise helpful Filipinos who could have helped me become fluent conversationally in both Tagalog and Pampangan.

How do you say, "Cousin rhino is a doofus who wastes opportunities"?


And one more while I'm here: "A Filipino without a knife is like a day without sunshine!" :supergrin:

Thanks again for all the help, cousins!

Originally posted by horge
Barong as a single word refers to the leaf-bladed sword.
Barong as a compounded word... well...

'Barong Tagalog' is actually corrupted from Baro'ng Tagalog
Baro meaning 'clothing'.
Baro'ng meaning 'clothing which/who is'... thus,
Baro'ng Tagalog = 'clothing which is Tagalog'

Same way that

"Jorgeng Makulit" means 'Jorge who is often annoyingly persistent'
"Alving Mapabling" means 'Alvin who is prone to being a playboy'
"Rhinong Matanong" means 'Rhino who is prone to ask questions'


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I knew I could count on you!

I should point out that even though I am deficient linguistically (i.e. retarded , I do have some of the more important Filipino genetic traits:

1. I can and do point with my lips
2. I freeze in my tracks when I hear someone go "Hsht! Hsht! Hoy!!"
3. I like the ladies :drool:

However, I am the Big Disappointment to our race when it comes to shooting ability. I suck! :supergrin:

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Originally posted by Eye Cutter
:supergrin: :supergrin: :supergrin: Jo, you crack me up! that's a classic!
Hey, since I'm such a disappointment in terms of shooting, the least I can do is use the skills I do have and amuse my cousins, right?

My brother does not find me so amusing, though. In fact, given the 55-gallon drum of barbecue sauce he has at his house, I suspect he plans on making me into human lechon! I should probably coat my skin with something bitter to ruin the "cracklin'"s!!

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