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Para USA World Class CSD

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by Lyman1, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. Lyman1


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    Jan 6, 2011
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    As the title states, Para USA has World Class Customer Service...and could not be more pleased.

    Long story short...I contacted Para USA inquiring if I could purchase a couple of P10 Recoil Systems earlier this week, and was informed that none were available, and would be in 2013. I was disappointed after hearing this news and asked why a consumable part was not kept in inventory, then asked for a point of contact in management. I received a note back from Tim in less than an hour, stating that he would pass my concerns along to senior management and would try to locate some parts in the shop for me.

    The next morning there was an email from Para USA. When I opened it, I was caught by surprise that it was from the Production Manager, William. He explained to me that the Para Team stopped the production of the Warthog platform (P10), to access reliability concerns, and are moving forward with improvements that will make the Warthog a completely reliable firearm, soon to be released in the upcoming year.

    Furthermore, due to an upgrade in Para USA MRP/ERP system, the Recoil Systems did not show up in inventory while checked by the CS Team, and was told that Para would send me a couple for my troubles. I provided my ship to address and Thanked the Para USA Team for their support and it could have ended at that very moment. It did not.....

    Here are couple of photographs from Travis Tomasie (Team Para USA Professional) of the new upper that the fine folks of Para USA are building....



    I am totally humbled by the act of kindness extended by the Para USA Team and very pleased with the speed and detail of correspondence received during the course of "two days".

    In closing, I'd like to once again sincerely thank the Para-USA Team (Tim, Travis and William), for their assistance during these past couple of days.

    Para Owners, in the event that you encounter any problems or issues with your firearm, I truly encourage you to reach out and contact the Para-USA Team. You will not be disappointed!

    When I'm in the market for a new 1911, I will without a doubt, purchase one with confidence from Para USA.....

    All the Best...
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  2. ilgunguygt

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    Thats cool, and pretty awesome too that they are doing that. However, their quality control is still much too sketchy for me to want to buy anything from them. That coupled with the fact that many of their 1911s do not use true spec internals is something that I dont care for either.

    They did, however, take very good care of you on this issue and should be commended for doing such.