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Para LDA or HK USP LEM or Glock 21? (broad, I know)

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If someone has asked for this comparision before and I am annoying anyone, I am sorry. I am looking at getting a new full-sized .45 due to my military experience with losing faith in the 9x19 caliber. I am interested in a weapon that will:

1. Be ultimately dependable (bang every time) in any hostile environments and conditions, such as hot, swampy areas to dry, sandy deserts, and all the way through cold, snowy terrain. It would be nice if the weapon's finish were strong enough to handle extreme conditions, but I realize that sometimes finishes are not invincible.

2. I need a weapon that has great accuracy (without adjustable sights, I prefer fixed night), a high capacity, and a decent trigger pull. I am currently debating on my actual needs for a rail light (can't decide).

I understand that I may appear fastidious and that I am demanding a lot out of a handgun, but this is going to be my primary, no kidding, life reliance weapon (price is not an issue because of this). Any input would be appreciated, and if you know of a weapon that I have not listed above that may better suit my needs, I am fully open to suggestion! Thanks a lot everyone!
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The 3 guns you are looking at are all very different with respect to bore axis and grip.
I would suggest you find a range and rent them and shoot them- or better yet find buddies that will let you try their's out...
If you actually shoot all 3, I'm betting one is gonna jump outa the group and make the choice for you.
The Para is NOT a quick strip and clean like the HK or Glock- so for me it wouldn't work..That said the Glock and the HK are so different- like I said... you're gonna naturally find the one you like.
Great, I will keep your suggestions in mind. I do own two glocks and love how easy the cleaning is, so I may now be only considering the HK and Glock. Someone has mentioned to me that I may also want to consider the Springfield XD as well as the 10mm cartridge. Any input on this?
YMMV on this one...
I handled a Springfield XD .45 yesterday-and I shot a buddy's some time ago(not enough to really wring it out) and for ME it seemed like a nice blend between a Glock and an Hk in relationship to bore axis(Glock Low/Hk High)
The grip was surprisingly comfortable- a bit too large for easy CC- but then it's got 13 acps hiding in there.
I'm not a 10mm fan because I gotta have calibers that are widely available-that means 9 or 45 for me...
Like I said, YMMV.
I own a P2000 .40 DA/SA, I've dry fired same gun with LEM, felt pretty long and heavy for me, but can be reduced with spring changes. Also I'm sure it feels different actually shooting one. A few weeks ago I shot my father-in-law's ParaCarry LDA .45 3" barrel. Now that trigger system felt very sweet, almost as light as my gun in SA. My next gun will probably be one of the LDA models. Not sure if I want to get something for carry or more of a competition gun, either way it will be an LDA. I've also shot Sig's DAK systems and the LDA beats them hands down. Never shot a Glock so can't comment on them.

Don't count out the LDA Para until you have shot one. I have the P14 Nite-tac LDA and love it. It is reliable and accurate out of the box. It is my nightstand gun (w/ its X200B). 14+1 45ACP with the ergonomics of the 1911 and a smooth trigger that feels as light as a single-action. With extensions and Wolff springs you can have 17 or 18+1 in the weapon.

My second choice would be HK, but I'd wait for the P3000 or whatever the new HK 45 is that is competing for the military contract. It's a nice blend of the USP and P2000.
CombatMedic1911, let me tell you first of all I'm asking the question, that you're asking, only I'm not going into combat, although, I sometimes wonder if I'll be a contractor over there.

Now, I was shooting my Para LDA 14 against a G21, the Para was more accurate in my hands.

As for the H&K USP .45ACP, I shot one that belongs to a fellow who was in my CHL class. The H&K shot great.

Now, I like all three handguns, but I've just ordered my first G-21, why? If I were in combat zone I would be able to service the Glock, it only has 33 parts and you can take with you parts and a simple take down tool with the gun.

Also, it seems to me the tenifer finish on the Glocks holds up better over the H&K.

If you choose also to carry the shorter G-30, the mags for the G21 will work in the G-30 as well. So if you want the G-30 to conceal, bring along some 13 rounders with it.

But lets not forget getting parts for H&K versus the Glock and you can learn to fix the Glock yourself. I changed out the slide release on my G19, and G30 for a slide release that goes on the G-34, G-35.

I hope all this informatiion helps, I was in that same boat. And thank you for your service to this great nation.
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If getting a 1911 id suggest a normal trigger. The LDA is nice but reset is longer. Also the normal triggers can be worked on easily.

Between the Glock and the HK id take the HK. I like Glocks, simple, cheap parts (good because they need replacing every once in a while). But the HK's are wicked accurate and feel much more solid. They are also available in several trigger configurations to suit your wants/needs.
Be patient, wait for the HK45/HK45c. It's like a full size(5 inch 10 shot)/compact size(4 inch 8 shot) P2000 in 45 ACP.

Maybe late this year, early next year. :alien:
1st choice would by the H&K LEM trigger, 2nd choice Glock & 3rd choice Para Ord. I own both a USP 40 fullsize V1 and G-23 and love them both but H&K is a bit higher in quality and just looks meaner!!! I probably would have purchased the USP with LEM trigger but the dealer said I would have to wait a month or more. Good Luck!:suntan:
Originally posted by SoFlaDeputy
H&K is a bit higher in quality :
I agree with your choices, but I feel the Glock, is a fine quality handgun. Although, I would agree with what I've been told, that H&K does over engineer thier handguns. But both are fine choices, I own a G-19, H&K USP 40, and recently bought a G-21. All are keepers.
The Glock 30 and H&K USP are very solid, low maintenance guns. They are not prone to rust or failures due to dirt. Some Para Ordnances had issues with high cap mags and I don't know much about them.
The G30 has a large grip and my timer tells me that I shoot it slower than smaller Glocks or my 1911.

All of our opinions aside, your opinion should be based on how comfortable the gun fits you and shoots for you - with a good balance of speed and accuracy.
The G21 is the one to take for combat. The gun is EXTREMELY Reliable. That explains why just about 70% of Law Enforcement in the US use it. Ive had about 5000 rds through my duty weapon G22 and never a hiccup. The newer tennifer is hard to beat. Ive had little experiance with the HK, but I know they are also excellent weapons. Im not sure if an HK will fire with broken internal parts. The Glock will. Neglecting cleaning of Glocks will not stop them from firing. Ive got a 1st Gen 21 and the damn thing is accurate and bullet proof. Its also got 13 rd mags.

Thats the one for me.
Be ultimately dependable (bang every time), that would exclude ParaJunk. The ideas behind them are good but the quality, customer service & materials leave a lot to be desired. The LDA trigger definitely is sweet but the rest of the pistol & service by them are sour.
Originally posted by steve86
Be ultimately dependable (bang every time), that would exclude ParaJunk. The ideas behind them are good but the quality, customer service & materials leave a lot to be desired. The LDA trigger definitely is sweet but the rest of the pistol & service by them are sour.
That's funny... I have found Para's (new and old) to be completely reliable. They are my first choice when trouble is afoot. My Glock on the other hand... I call it my jammamatic. :frown:
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