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Par timer for dryfire

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I had two free programs down loaded on my computer and lost them when my hard drive crashed this week . Now I can't find where I got them .
They were a free download that I used for drawing and dry firing . Could do random starts and vary par time between beeps .

I seem to remember one was named R U Ready and can't remember the name of the other one . One of them had a target on my computer screen and the other you just used what ever was handy for a target .
I mostly used a laser cartridge in doing the practice .

Anyone know where I can find the programs now ?
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Nice, old school. Consider buying a timer then. Lots of good uses for one on & off the range.
Really don't want a regular timer and not interested in splits between shots and keeping tabs on shots .
The ones I had on my computer for 4-5 yrs. served my needs well . All I want is a random beep to draw and a second beep that I can set the par time on .
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