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    Don't buy this stuff the guy is a major felon!

    Web safety issues!

    Another credit card theft scam.

    Access to this site is sponsored by a shady registrar, ICANN accredited, called Capital Networks - So far they have not responded to complaints. Try again. The New Zealand company is registered by Kim Alison Story, 42 Montgomery Ave, Murrays Bay, Auckland, NZ.

    Find more copious details at

    Downloadable Software is an obvious software piracy site. Prices are so low as to entice the unwary to enter their identity and credit card for this criminal to steal. DON'T FALL FOR IT, DON'T ORDER. Kuvayev's criminal record is found at near the top of the 10 most wanted list in ROKSO. You could also report this site and its sponsoring registrar to the software houses who are being ripped off.

    On May 11, 2005, Massachusetts Attorney General Tom Reilly filed a lawsuit against Leo Kuvayev and six accomplices, accusing them of sending millions of spam e-mails to peddle counterfeit drugs, pirated software, fake watches, and pornography. Kuvayev, a 34-year-old native of Russia who uses the nickname BadCow, is one of the world's top three spammers, according to anti-spam group Spamhaus. State officials allege that Kuvayev and his associates used a number of Web-hosting services from the U.S. and around the world to launch attacks. Kuvayev was charged with violating the federal CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, which requires that unsolicited commercial e-mail be accurate and honest.

    Massachusetts was able to go after Kuvayev because he listed a Massachusetts address on his driver's license and conducted business using a Boston Post Office box. On Oct. 11, 2005, after none of the defendants appeared to answer the charges, a Superior Court judge issued a default judgment against them. The judge found the spammers in violation of state and federal consumer protection laws and ordered a permanent shutdown of dozens of illegal Web sites. Kuvayev and his co-defendants were ordered to pay $37 million in civil penalties for sending nearly 150,000 illegal e-mails. The fine is unpaid.

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    Rating: This site spams

    The sub-domains for this spammer change regularly, but the content - software - remains the same. Latest example:

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    Rating: This site spams

    This site sends out spam for various software packages using sub-domains such as

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    Rating: Phishing or other scams

    [spam gang]

    [software piracy]

    [Leo Kuvayev / BadCow]

    These sites deal in sofware piracy and are often home to other parts of this operation.

    Report software piracy to any or all of these sites:

    This is an Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud ring.

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    Interesting info...

    Whats scary, is no matter how much ISP's, PC Geeks, Media, Parents, etc.. Tell you about these things, these guys still make a bundle off people falling for it hook line and sinker.

    I mean, as an example, MS Office Suite, usually around 3-400 New for the full version, and you find some idiot selling it for 30 dollars, with no documentation? Is the world really this stupid?


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    Those marks think they are smart. They know t is stolen solftware going in. They would have to.
    They just think Heh heh heh Im gonna get office and stick it to that rich baxter Bill Gates at the same time!

    Greed, avarice, and foolishness lead to victim every time. Their is no protecting people that intend to do wrong.

    And the scammer depends on that!

    Honest folks are not at risk!