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    A man takes his little son out to breakfast to celebrate the
    boy's tenth birthday. When the waitress comes around the old
    man orders a big breakfast of eggs, bacon, hash-browns...the
    works. He turns to his son and smiles proudly. "Order
    anything you want, son. Anything at all."

    The pretty waitress looks at the birthday boy. "And what will
    you have," she asks sweetly.

    The boy sits up straight and grins ear to ear. "Give me the
    damn? pancakes," he says in a loud voice.

    The father is stunned, he turns and slaps the boy. "Now, you
    give this nice lady your order," the father says, glaring at
    the boy.

    The waitress forces a smile. "What will you have?"
    Again, the boy sits up straight, he clears his throat. "I
    said I want the damn? pancakes!"

    The father whirls and knocks the boy off of the chair. "Get
    your butt up now and you order the right way...or else!"

    The unnerved waitress fumbles with her notepad. "What do you
    want to eat, honey," she asks.

    The boy crawls back on to his chair and he stares up at the
    pretty waitress. He takes a deep breath and says, "I don't
    care, as long as it's not those damn? pancakes."