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I just posted on the official PSA Dagger forum and apparently they are putting together a list of what fits based on users posts. Not sure if it is worth looking into or not.
I saw your post. I'm banned from posting to the PSA Dagger forum.

The PSA blog is referenced across the Internet. The blog supposedly contains MRDS's known by PSA to work with the Compact Dagger™ slides. Obviously, the blog is wrong and incomplete. I don't understand why PSA wouldn't maintain the blog. It should really be up to PSA to determine whether a particular MRDS fits, not users.

Also, I wanted to add that the cts-1250 does NOT co-witness with the ameriglo tritium front lower 1/3 sights that came on my dagger slide. The optic is just barely too tall.
It would be worthwhile for PSA to maintain backup iron sight compatibility with each MRDS as well (at least in terms of the iron sights PSA offers with the Compact Dagger™ slides).
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