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Palm Beach Shooter looking for club info.

  1. I'm in the Palm Beach area and I'm somewhat interested in idpa/bowling pin shoots. Right around now im saving up a few bucks for a G35 to practice with. I'm tring to get a hold of a few people to see if I can atleast watch. I'm hoping I find something in the Palm Beach area. Feel free to PM me if you like and help me get informed.


    Edit: I'm also looking for out of palm beach area ranges because the in house ammo rule really sucks. I'm going to revere next week.
  2. Markham Park down in Broward hosts IDPA/IPSC stuff. There is a group called TSSA (TSSA.net) that does it.

    I think there area also some shoots up in Stuart at Martin County Sportsmans Association (mcsa.cc)
  3. I'm also in PB County, and Markham is pretty much it for IDPA. I'd love to find a pin shoot, so if you come across one, let me know...
  4. Theres pin shooting every wednesday 5:30-6PM at delray shooting center. Im worried that its going to be overpriced. I'm going this week to take a look and perhaps play. "taking the 45 for a ride"
  5. Is the "must buy ammo here" rule still in effect for the pin shoots?
  6. im worried about that too....im not sure