Painkiller: Battle Out Of Hell

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    Hello everyone--

    Well, I got the full version of PK some time ago, and the GF just loves it...I was somewhat less impressed, but this little chick had me build up a gaming system for her JUST BECAUSE OF THIS GAME!

    Which is okay, I guess. She needed to upgrade from her Presorryo anyhow...I was sick of it, too!

    So a few days ago I'm in town shopping, and I decide to look for Chrinicles of Riddick. It isn't in Wal-Mart or Fred Meyers, so I grabbed the PK:BooH expansion pack instead.

    Well, let's just say that it has ISSUES. Not issues, or Issues, but ISSUES!!!

    I have had no less than 14 crashes to desktop with this game, whereas the full version never gave so much as a hiccup.

    There is also far more of a Super Mario feel to certain parts of needing to bunny-hop just perfectly to jump over pits and other obstacles. Timing sequences and such are rife in some parts of it, which the GF just hates. I CAN BARELY GET THROUGH SOME OF THESE SPOTS, and I've been gaming for alot longer than she has; so let's just say my reflexes and 'game sense' are better than hers.

    The baddies act just like they did previously, though there are some new types of demon hordes to do battle with; there are more secrets and more variety to the levels.

    Not to mention the NEW WEAPONS!! Would anyone like a Scoped Sniper Stakegun? Its AltFire launches cluster grnades...and then there's the submachinegun-flamethrower. Fun!!

    However, the good parts stop there.

    This expansion uses a modified game engine that requires DX9.0c, and though it looks better I had to turn some eye-candy down before it would play smoothly on my sig rig. I know better than to try installing this on the GF's machine...she's running a PCI vid card until I get my 6800GT!!

    The CTD's are way too common, and I just had one stop the game with a .pak error a few moments ago ("Press Retry to debug." Abort, Retry, Ignore) that I tried to Ignore....and it just shut down the game engine on me. This was near the end of the Colloseum level, BTW. I hadn't seen that popup before this spot; but with all the BS required to get to this spot, I am glad I saved often before this latest crash.

    In all, it looks like DreamCatcher coded a game, cut it in half, and sold the half with fewer bugs early on so they could keep the buggy-assed levels awhile for rrepair attempts. They should have tried harder or waited longer, IMHO.

    All this just because I wanted to play Butcher Bay. Oh least it was only $19.95.

    Anyone else playing this expansion? Let us know if your copy is as b0rked as mine seems to be...I might need to reinstall from scratch to get this working properly if I am the only one with these problems.

    Best regards,