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Glock 26 Pain shooting 26

  1. My rarely shot 26 really digs into my hand sharply with each shot, on the tissue between my thumb and finger.
    Zero pain in the same shooting session With my 43 or my 19.

    I had a Gen 3 years ago and it did not hurt, so I tried with and without the backstrap.
    My understanding is the hump is causing a different grip and mechanically I can see why its hurting and if I had to, I would carry it but I do not have to.

    I may end up trading out for another 19 or a 45 if given a less than awful hosing.

    Just disappointed because I believe the problem is me and cant think of a way to “fix” it. Readily admit I am a girly man ahead of any one else saying it.
  2. You could talon grips. The plain rubber ones.
  3. before you go getting all spendie for something that may or may not help you, try a bicycle inner tube grip sleeve, easy to make and much cheaper than anything you'd buy.
  4. Add an OEM +extension to one of your mags and try that.

    I have to do this on my 27. (stock photo, not my 27)
  5. Sounds like the problem is backstrap profile, although I don't really see why that would cause pain in the web of your hand.
  6. The grip itself doesnt hurt.

    I forgot to add I tried with and without extended mag. Its just digging in really sharply.
  7. My son has the same issue with my G26; I think the problem is that his hand is much bigger than mine...he has no problem when shooting his G21.
  8. The biggest issue you may face here is actually finding a 19 or 45 to trade up to. You will have zero problems selling that 26 for probably more than you paid for it, at the moment.

    I was in our local Bass Pro last night and the pistol cases were almost empty except for revolvers, black powder and just a few random semi's here and there. NO Glocks or other regular pistol brands whatsoever.
  9. It may be a seller’s market but I do not know of a way to sell right now with all that is going on. Hell by time I lose a few hours of OT fiddling, it would not be worth it..
    It is a long term wait if need be.

    Mainly just curious if I was alone.

  10. Is this a case of slide bite? If it’s a Gen 4 try to install the medium beaver tail back strap and see if it helps.

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  11. I have severe arthritis and the pistol's grip makes a big difference. The Glock 19 Gen 3 is my EDC and it works for me. :fred:
  12. It sounds like your G26 is a gen4 and if so I would encourage you to experiment with the beavertail and other grip sleeves before selling it.

    I have put Hogue HandAll sleeves on some M&P Shields to give them some thickness for my large hands and while they have done that, they also seem to lessen the amount of felt recoil. It's a cheap possible fix at $10+-.

    I have a G27 gen 3 and shoot some hot loads through it and while they don't cause any pain, I have come to realize that all guns recoil when fired and move on and hit what your aiming at.
  13. This is really strange since you used to have a Gen3 26 that didn't give you any problems, but I'll concur with trying a section of bicycle innertube as a cheap experiment.
  14. maybe you aren't holding it tight enough. but if you had a Gen 3 and it didn't hurt your hand it sounds like you need to trade for another gen 3.

    Trade only. Now is not the time to buy or sell. You will be able to sell but you're a lot less likely to be able to buy, and unless Trump is re-elected, that's not going to change anytime soon and things will change for the worse if the Democrats take control.
  15. Because the G 26 is such a highly rated and highly thought of pistol I rented one several times before I decided not to buy it. I am a left-hander and most of the times when I would shoot the G 26 it would pinch my trigger finger between the bottom of the trigger and the trigger guard. The pain was no fun plus I really prefer a longer grip

    I recently purchased a G 19.5 and I really like it.
  16. It's amazing how accurate the little 26 is. Highly recommend trying a Pierce extension before you sell it off. Like others have said, it might be difficult to find a replacement at the moment. If you look just about everything is sold out. Reloading components are getting scarce. I imagine it will get worse before it gets any better.
  17. Not sure where the pain you’re describing is but for me my g26 hurt the palm of my hand due to the location and profile of the hump at the rear of the grip. My fix (gen5) was to cut the medium backstrap (with beaver tail) in half so the effect of the hump was reduced on my palm. I now really like how it feels and if I ever want to return it to stock backstrap sets are cheap.
  18. This...

  19. *What a beautiful picture - Glock 26 & 27 is Perfection !
  20. Highly recommend this. The Hogue has a lot of cushioning effect and will 'fatten' the grip a little, especially around the beavertail. They are a pain to get on, but get them warm to make them more pliable, use windex, and cut up their plastic wrapping to use as a smooth installing surface during installation and it can be done. They have a video on their web site.
  21. or the Pmag. I like it better than the OEM extension

    Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 7.25.48 AM.png
  22. I agree with nerr on the challenge of putting on these grips. Boiling for a longer time than recommended along with a soapy water and pushing downward on the grip as the slide is on the table helps. I was able to put on three of them without swearing and when I told Hogue that they sent me some swag.