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Pain, Agony, AARGH!!

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I promise, it'd only been 3 weeks away from the gym.
I started going back on Wednesday, and to vary the routine I led off with a bit of strength training on my legs and then took a cardo-kickboxing class. After 45 minutes of that, my calves were leaden and I decided to bail out. I was convinced that it was the worst whipping I'd ever had.
On Thursday, I went back, started off with some strength training on the abdominal region, and took a class that really, truly, redefines butt-whipping. Every muscle above the knees, and up to just about the eyebrows, is sore.

I can't wait to get back. There's some healthy young thangs in there.
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Sounds like fun!

I feel your pain. I went to the track yesterday and ran several 400m dashes. That's the first time I've done those since half my life ago. Unbelievable pain and agony--like a side stitch except over my entire diaphragm! Legs pretty sore today too.
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