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Pact MK IV Timer

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by Redcrow, Jul 15, 2004.

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    Dec 13, 2001
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    $125.00 Shipped to you.
    Like new in case. No damage or scratches. Excellent condition.

    Height 2" Width 4 1/2" Length 5 1/4" Weight 16 oz. 32 Character Display, made in the USA.

    The PACT MK IV features an advanced 32-character alpha numeric display, instead of the tiny, seven segment wristwatch display commonly found on cheap alarm clocks (and other timers). This display allows the MK IV clearly to display all of the information about a given shot (shot number, split time, total time) at a glance, without having to mess with the keypad. Furthermore, the PACT display is "free form," which means it can display any combination of letters and numbers. This feature, combined with the keyboard, enables PACT to add features and refine their software without forcing you to buy a new timer each time they think of a neat, new trick.

    Training with the MK IV
    Let's say you're practicing The El Presidente. The critical "time moments" are the first shot, the reload, and the total time. After you complete a run (with the MK IV) and glance at your timer, you immediately see the first shot and total time displayed. It's automatic, no button pushing required. To see your reload time you'd simply press REVIEW, 7. The timer will jump to shot number seven and will automatically display the time of shot seven as well as the split time between the sixth and seventh shots - your reload time. It's not that you can't get this information out of other timers, you just have to pound buttons endlessly to get it. You end up concentrating on running the timer instead of improving you shooting.
    Now, back to your practice. You notice your reload is taking a little longer than you'd like. You push the KEY button and tell the timer to give you a beep 1.5 seconds after the sixth shot. Now, make another run. After your sixth shot, a separate internal clock will give you a beep 1.5 seconds after the sixth shot. The first few times you try it, you notice the beep comes just before the magazine gets to the well. As you continue to practice, you find you're getting it seated by the beep. You've improved because the KEYED BEEP focuses your attention on a specific place in time. This is just one example of how the MK IV Championship Timer acts like your own shooting coach.