P93... finally warming up to it!!

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    Feb 11, 2001
    Took me until Super Bowl Sunday to get out for my first range trip of 2019!! And it was a good one! Took out an old favorite:


    Then I shot a new toy: a Shockwave in 20 Gauge. I still wanted to get a little more shooting in before I had to break things down(and before the sun set) so I pulled out the P93 and a box of Geco - 124g - FMJ. Here are the first three shots at 14 yards:

    P93 Geco paper.jpg

    You can see the Shockwave damage on the target and a nice little group with the Geco! I have a couple of P89s, which I love, and a P94 which is probably my favorite....so I should love the P93 as well right? Well, I hadn't really warmed up to it for some reason.
    Although I have had no failures to feed, fire or eject, sometimes the magazines would not drop free. I have been sorting thru the magazines (I have a few) and matching this pistol with only the ones that work! I think I may have a good collection of compatible ones now as I had no issues on this trip! Mags used on this trip were Ruger factory, MecGar and one old Ramline 18 rounder (which contrary to reputation, I have never had a failure with!)
    Here are three shots at 18 yards on steel:

    P93 Geco steel.jpg

    Also, I always had this nagging feeling that I should be hitting better at distance with it as well... I even noticed that my very first report only had pictures with target 18 yards and closer. Well! She shot great with Geco! (And maybe I just needed more trigger time) Here are shots on the gong at 25 yards - I went 6 for 7:

    P93 Geco gong more.jpg

    And here is the knockdown target at 34 yards. Two hits outta four shots at this point but I ended up 3-5!:

    P93 Geco KD.jpg

    And how about the far steel at 50 yards? 15 of 18!

    P93 Geco far steel more.jpg

    I'm starting to warm up to my P93 now!! Looking forward to getting it out again as well as my stainless P89 which is on the verge of 5,000 rounds. Totals for this gun:

    400 rounds representing 7 loads!

    parting shot - six shot group on paper at 14 yards:

    P93 Geco paper more.jpg
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    Sep 26, 2004
    Very good

    Thanks for sharing