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P80 Glock 17...

  1. I just sent my rep at Lipseys an email saying I’ll take 2 as soon as he gets them....they are both sold already!
  2. Oh wow. I’ll need to snatch one of these up.
  3. And so it begins. Wondering what will be next? I for one like these replicas.
  4. My bank account would appreciate them not making this kind of stuff. It would be nice to have a Gen 1 I could shoot, I am not taking my AX to the range!
  5. I called my best guy and he said they are showing all allocated but he may be able to snag me one. But we’ll see.
  6. SO cool!!!

    Like the Colt retro ARs.

    And we all said no more Gen 1s!!

    Can't wait to c one!!!
  7. The Tupperware, box, and papers make this so cool. But I guess it’s missing the Austrian military markings.
  8. Yeah, no Military markings. They tried but it was a no go.
  9. My GEN1 DC prefix 17 is at roughly 250,000 rounds and still going strong...
  10. The immediate issue I see with this is the last series of tuppaware box being used.
    It is obviously for a Gen 3 series.
    I’m surprised by Glock not at least making the case more retro.
    It seems they had a bunch of the older cases left over possibly and tossed them into those. Okay, maybe not tossed.
    It just seems to go to all of the trouble to get the gun correct but not the entire package was an oversight.
    After all with no accessory rail these will almost certainly be purchased by those interested in collecting. At least most.

    Not nit picking simply pointing out an aspect which is very important to anyone who collects.

    Possibly the sub-group of what many would call collectors of early Glocks continues to be unknown. Thusly no real voice.
    I’m sure many of us can relate to seeing older Glock handguns offered for sale in the wrong boxes. It screams incomplete for me.
  11. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/878105339

    I noticed another seller has one listed but a rating of 1, this seller i am very familiar with and is top notch, and in the top sellers of GB...just my 2 cents.
  12. I'd rather see Ford do that with the 1932 V8, but that's cool.
  13. Anyone think of a time when reproductions helped the value of the originals? I think the less than NIB Gen1s just lost value probably the basic Gen1s did too.

    if Glock remade molds we can expect a lot more stuff - Gaston isn’t investing that money without squeezing every ounce out of it. I wouldn’t mind seeing some commemorative pieces on this frame.
  14. These are new molds made for this run.
  15. I think it may effect later gen 2 stuff, but pre ban, with black internals etc can never be replaced.
  16. I’m not worried about my AF pencil barrel loosing value but the guy whose interested in experiencing a Gen1 - why would a $700 FF series ever become $1,000 if the entry level person can by a replica Made by the manufacturer for $500-$600?

    I haven’t made up my mind on what I think the long term effect on the collectible market will be and only time will tell but I’m leaning towards it devaluing the general Gen1 guns.

    BTW - I’ll probably buy one just like I buy everything else Glock!
  17. That is cool
  18. According to another auction the SKU is P81750203
  19. Wow! I love it! That's awesome! But I can't. I just can't.
  20. I wouldn't go too crazy paying big bucks for these, they will filter out.

    I am very reliably told that 5000 of them will be released after September 1st and 5000 more after the New Year. With 10000 out there I think every collector that once one should be able to find one at MSRP or less.
  21. Yeah, I wont pay more than MSRP, I actually want one as a shooter!
  22. Yes 10K on the initial order with 5K available today. Possibility of more after the first 10K.

    Lots of interesting info here.

    View: https://youtu.be/woUExYRrpIE
  23. Funny you say that I ordered to as well one as a shooter.
  24. I think it will be fun to compare these to actual Gen 1s.

    I also know from a very reliable source that Glock was asked originally to make these pencil barrels but they did not want to repeat that variant.
  25. I think it's really cool to see glock doing a significant variation of a gun just for the collector market as they have here. I hope that clock is a company gets more in tune with a collector market like Smith and Wesson, Colt, etc and others it will only help our hobby.
  26. Me too :animlol:
  27. My apologies if I missed it, but what features amongst these reproductions differ from originals? I know the finish, but what about:

    - Extractor cut
    - Barrel hood ramp
    - Trigger bars
    - Sights and fixing methods

    I’m curious how true these are to the originals
  28. Wait until the Gen1 19 replicas hit the market! Gunbroker will be flooded.
  29. Quite interesting, as a basically a Gen 1 collector, I will more than likely get one. I still don't think these will hurt the Gen 1 market. Nothing like the original!
  30. Some originals were duotone, these have SNs on the frame, pencil barrel, smaller hole in slide for pencil barrel, original had two piece RSA, different from original tennifer finish, no date code or proof marks, different serial number format w/no dash between letters and numbers and thousands of dollars in value:)

    Box not identical to first production ones.
  31. Will zero hurt Gen one market. I'd submit these will improve original G1 market. It will draw attention to G1s from folks who don't even know they exist and will likely make more folks want an original to match their new one. I think these are GREAT for our hobby!!
  32. I think it would be super cool if they reproduced the Gen. 1 19 but I just don't see it it's an obscure gone outside of glock collector circles. However perhaps one day as the Gen. 1 19 becomes what I believe it will be which is 1 of the ultimate trophy modern handguns that is widely known even by non glock collectors.
  33. Well, my willpower failed me. I bought one on Gunbroker. Now I wait.
  34. One thing that I love about this is a made it affordable for collectors. This is completely unlike would Colt did with their AR retro series when they arbitrarily made them nearly $3000.
  35. How many of these will disappear into safes, never to be shot?
  36. Looks good, I want one. Kind of like a Colt AR repop.
  37. Anyone heard a price or ballpark?
  38. 670.00
  39. I was thinking about the gen 1 19 before you posted it. Bet they make it.
  40. Many good things can be said about this new offering.

    On another forum it is being offered from a member that if these new P80’s do well then a Gen 1 19 will follow. This is as coming from a Glock rep who told him this.

    I find this bordering on insanity from Glock. And yes I believe the forum member understands the difference between a true Gen 1 19 and a 2nd Gen.
  41. I
    My guy said Msrp was 660 ish on the Lipsey website.
  42. It would really be surprising to me if they made a Gen. 1 19.

    I think a lot of people know about Gen. One glocks but the gen 1 19 as much much less well known.

    In any case I think it would be super cool if they did because then it would just increase interests in Gen. One nineteens and further increase interest in collectible glocks in general
  43. There are great pictures and info in this listing.

    I love how they use the word rare. It's hilarious how people to throw around the word rare arbitrarily.


    I have to say I love the packaging. I'm a sucker for that stuff.
  44. Another difference I missed between this one and the originals or that the originals of course had no US import markings and I'm sure no patent marking.

    I'm also guessing they did not try to reproduce the early mags.
  45. Did you watch the video I posted with Jason Clausner from Lipsey’s?
  46. Gen 3 mags
  47. I'm stuck at work all night. I've tried to watch it multiple times but each time within a few minutes I have to tend to something. I very much look forward to watching it tomorrow.