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P80 FDE color matching Cerakote

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I contacted polymer 80 asking what cerakote fde shade matched their fde frames. They told me magpul flat dark earth H-267. In search of a good matching color for a slide.
I looked at all the brown tone cerakote colors and ordered several swatches that were close to the p80 fde.
I personally have concluded that the genII coyote tan HIR-235 was the closest match as far as my eyes are concerned. I do not agree with what polymer80 told me about the magpul fde being the cerakote match.
Just want to share the photos with everyone. Maybe it can help someone decide what color is good for them. Or maybe agree that the genII coyote tan HIR-235 is the best color match.
While matching up the color samples. I intentionally only held the samples to the smooth portion of the p80. The grip texture seemed to cast to many different types of shades depending on lighting.
Font Gun accessory Metal Fashion accessory Wood

From left to right, we have Magpul FDE, flat dark earth, genII flat dark earth, coyote tan, and genII coyote tan.

This is the MAGPUL FDE against the P80 FDE frame. This is supposed to be the color match according to P80. To me, it looks more green. Not matching.
Wood Metal Fashion accessory Artifact Gun accessory

Wood Font Metal Fashion accessory Artifact

Wood Grey Font Gun accessory Metal

Wood Gun accessory Metal Fashion accessory Gun barrel

Wood Font Gun accessory Metal Fashion accessory

Pictured above:
This is the genII coyote tan. Best matching sample from cerakote. In my opinion.
Here are a few more photos below, of the magpul fde and genII coyote tan samples.
Material property Household hardware Font Metal Fashion accessory

Material property Font Metal Wood Nickel

Font Household hardware Metal Fashion accessory Titanium
Wood Household hardware Metal Nickel Font

Hope this is helpful. I know that I personally will go with the genII coyote tan.
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