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P30L 9mm V1

  1. This one is next on my “to buy” list, I’ve exhausted all my resources on finding one. Just thought I’d reach out to the long arms of you forum members here and see if anyone can point me in the right direction.

    I actually called HK several days ago asking about why they’re so scarce, he same they’re filling a huge government contract right now, man hours, production, materials, everything is geared towards this contract right now!

    He said they’re not discontinuing the P30 series and they will slowly be back. And before you ask........I didn’t ask any details about this contract (like which Government), but I wished I had after I hung up! Although he probably wouldn’t have told me.
  2. It isn’t just the P30. The USP Compacts have been scarce also. I came across the USPC I bought recently on Davidson’s website and everything was scarce there also.

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  3. I know where there is P30L right now. NIB. About $650. Send me a note.
  4. I grabbed one of those for 489 the other month. These allegedly were for a German contractor, (beware manual in German only but who reads manuals these days anyway :p)
    I thought it was a good price. I know you are looking for a L, V1. They may show up on that site later.
  5. Picked up a P30 V3 9mm just yesterday and I love it without even firing it yet. It was the last one in the store. They said they could order me one if I didn’t want the display model but didn’t know when it would be in. They said most people didn’t even look at the P30 and the VP9’s outsold them by a long-shot. They also said that the lone P30 had been sitting there for months. I guess people aren’t to fond of P30’s in my area. Lucky me huh . What kind of surprised me was that the P30 is virtually identical in dimensions and weight as my beloved G19X. Here’s their dimensions and weights from their websites.
    HK P30 / Glock G19X
    Overall height: 5.43” 5.47”
    Overall length: 7.12” 7.44”
    Overall width: 1.37” 1.30”
    Weight w/ empty mag: 26.08 oz. 24.83 oz.

    No real world difference that anybody can noticeably distinguish. More proof Glock for the 19X size wrong I guess lol. Now all I need is a HK45 V7 Lite LEM and I’ll be done with HK’s, I think
  6. Very cool

    Congrats! :cool:
  7. I carry a P30S .40 daily. The medium and small back straps are flimsy to me and wiggle at the too of the insert. The small side panels wiggle front to back.

    I use the large back strap with the medium side panels. It makes for a high grip and is very stable.
  8. Still looking! Got my name on a list with a new LGS, he laughed and showed me his book, he had two other customers names with P30L 9mm written down above my name!

    He did say he heard from one of his distributors they should be back in November.

    Anybody, anything?? November is what, 3 years away?
  9. Yeah...my LGS said "they're unicorns". They then got four in and I bought two of them...this was about three/four weeks ago.
  10. Found a P30L V3 with a safety this past Saturday, price was $649.00. I just DON’T want a safety!

    The original plan was I had to have a V1 but I’d definitely buy a V3, just no safety! This is the first P30L I’ve seen in a LGS in a long time, it’s actually bothered me I didn’t bring this one home, but I’m sticking to my guns!o_O
  11. Couple of questions......I love asking questions!:D

    First, I’ve been looking for a P30L V1 for a long while now, but I wasn’t opposed to a V3 either. In the last couple of days I’ve found two different V3’s, both with safeties, I don’t (or didn’t) want a safety!

    Here’s the question, the guy at the gun shop today said that from now on all V3’s would have a safety per some import regulations, and the V1 Light LEM was the only P30L available WITHOUT a safety! Anyone here know if that’s true, false, or the guy is just full of crap?

    Second question......also found a used USP Expert 9mm today, it’s the same money as a new P30L, I haven’t actually inspected it myself, guy said it had its share of holster rash, and just handling marks from age, but practically zero wear inside, and that it was slick inside!

    Given the same dollar amount......which one would you be the most interested in? And this Expert has a safety!
  12. The Expert is somewhat better quality and has the Match trigger and "target" sights. The P30L may have better ergonomics because of the grip panels. For me it would depend on how rough the Expert looks. The Expert too is a bit more difficult to find in 9mm.
    The safety is no big deal, just leave it off if you prefer. They have a pretty positive latch. Not sure on an HK import regulation for a safety requirement, sounds a little goofy to me.
  13. Well, about 18 hours too late on the Expert!:mad: An employee at this LGS laid it away last night just before closing time! The guy I was dealing with actually went and grabbed it for me to take a look at......easily worth the $695 they had it marked at, I would have walked out of there with it today.........but Noooo! Story of my life!
  14. The Expert is a great pistol from HK. Too bad you missed out on that one at that price. Most people have a story like that.
  15. He wasn't correct. Most of the V3's do not have a safety. I'm including recent ones over the past months in this statement.
  16. Alright guys, finally found my unicorn, went into a LGS an hour ago, was looking at 5 or 6 HK’s he had in the case, he asked if he could help me? And of course I asked “when’s the last time you’ve had a P30L in your shop?”

    He smiled and immediately said, “oh about right now!” What, are you serious? I bet it’s a V3! He said nope, it’s a V1, how much? $799.00 out the door, ouch!

    Definitely more than I want to pay, he said he had to find it, he opened 4 or 5 safes and finally came up with it. He was saying he’s only had two in his shop since the end of 2018, and he didn’t know anything about this one, he didn’t remember ordering it. He said he had to go back and look at his purchase order, turns out he ordered it at the 2019 Shot Show.......

    So he hands it to me, I open the box, it’s a LE model, 3 magazines and night sights!

    So he’s eating the tax :)rolleyes:), an extra magazine, and night sights, that’s $200.00 right there.........please tell me $799.00 OTD is at least a decent deal? I’m the master of finding the deal, I definitely paid more than I originally planned, but I’ve also been on the lookout for probably over a year! Oh well.
  17. Congratulations!!! You got a hell of a deal. I just bought another P30LV1, 2 mags, no night sights for $ 915.00 shipped. You've got a go to hell and back reliable, durable, extremely accurate handgun for a damn good price. My P30L is 2' to my right as I type this. Since you have the V1 LEM, if you haven't had experience with it, just be patient learning the trigger system.
  18. This will be my 4th LEM pistol, I’ve just been wanting a 30L forever!
  19. Congrats on your new HK. It's a good feeling knowing that your search is over.
    Enjoy and shoot it well.
  20. What lube are you guys using in the slide rails of your HK’s? A lubricating oil or a heavier grease?
  21. I personally use TW25b. Been using TW25b from pistols to belt fed for years and never wears off and smooth. You will get all kinds of opinions. I use the grease on the rails, drop of Mil-Comm 2500 oil on TRS & sear area. The 2500 is oil form. Both same, different viscosities