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P229 range report - the birds and the bears!!

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Well, I have done a state themed range trip bringing loads from the likes of Tennessee Cartridge Company and Texas Ammunition Co. etc. This time I decided to go animal theme. I brought three loads with me:
Grizzly Cartridge Company - 124g - FMJ-FP
Birds-n-Bullets - 124g - FMP (RL)

& Big Bear Firepower - 125g - JFP

First up was Grizzly Cartridge Company and wow, this was some nice stuff. I feel bad now, not having shot any of my Grizzly loads. Here is the first six shots at about 14 yards:

If it looks like my silhouette has the measles, it is because my backboard is pretty well shot up now and the light is streaming thru! Here is six more at the same distance:

My next six shots with this load: two on steel at about 18 yards, one into a cinder block at 28 yard, one on the ram at 105(?) yards and two more on the steel with no misses. My last mag only had two rounds (box of twenty) - missed the bowling pin at 43 yards with the first shot but hit it with the second. Thumbs up Grizzly!!

Next up was Birds-n-Bullets and lets just say... I had a few fliers! (birds-n-bullets?...fliers?) Let me start off by saying every round fed, fired, and extracted perfectly - no issues there. I just didn't know exactly where these were going most of the time. My first group of six on paper had one shot dead on and two high and two low....and I mean the pistols length high and low!
These two flew low...

these two flew high:

As you can imagine, I didn't have a whole lot of luck with the bowling pins or the ram....really couldn't keep it on steel @ 18 yards. I did hit the cinder block once.....

Last up was the Big Bear Firepower load and here again,(like Appalachian Ammunition Inc. that I shot last time out) is a small company that makes a very nice 357Sig load (small sample size of course). I really like this stuff - it had a lot of oomph and was very accurate. Here are the first six on paper:

The cinder block had only been hit twice but, three more hits from "the Big Bear" wiped it out:

So... I was very impressed with the Bears...and not so much with the Birds. No malfunctions of any kind this trip out... 7,521 rounds of 357Sig thru this pistol now representing 113 loads!!
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