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P229 in 357Sig - 11,000 round milestone range trip!

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Yes! One of those milestone trips! And another milestone will be reached the next time this P229 goes out to the range. On this trip, I had two legit loads and one bogus load.
The first one up was AGB Arms - 124g - FP (All Guns Blazin). I was nervous about this offering as I had also bought their ammo in 38 Special and had a squib load. And, I believe they are now out of business. Well, to cut to the chase.....this was the "bogus" load. All the rounds did feed, fire and eject OK (whew!) but when fired, who knows where they were going?? This was right up there with SBR ammo in the WTH! category. Anyway, here are six shots on paper @14 yards:

Gun Shooting sport Recreation Shooting range Shooting

Now.... here is my range layout:
I have two steels @ 18 yards
a gong at 25 yards
a popper @29 yards
three knockdowns @ 33 yards
and a far steel at 50 yards.

All the steels (but the far steel) are (basically) 8"
Well, I hit one steel @ 18 yards twice and......and....that was it!! 0 fer EVERYTHING else. Yoi!! Seriously, I am not that bad a shot!... as I hope you will see in the following...

Next load up was Sperry Ballistics - 125g - JHP and this stuff was "legit". This offering has some magnum Ooomph! And it also ran flawlessly. Here are six shots on paper @ 14 yards:

Gun Firearm Trigger Revolver Starting pistol

On 18 yard steel, to my left, I went 6/6.
On 18 yard steel to my right, I went 5/6
on the 25 yard gong, I went 5/6. Here are the first three shots taken:

Orange Pumpkin Shooting Shooting sport

Are you seeing a trend here? That this load was sliiightly better than the the last I tried? Misses may have just been me flinching. As I said, these rounds had some Ooomph!
The popper was placed at 29 yards and here are six hits outta six shots on that!:

Gun Recreation Air gun Airsoft gun Shooting

Stepping out to 33 yards, I also shot decently... on the knockdowns:

I went 2/3 on the round plate (on left)
2/2 on the small silhouette (middle)
and 2/3 on the square plate (right)
Then out to 50 yards and I went 9 of 12! Well pleased with Sperry!

Next load up was Precision One Ammunition - 125g - JHP and... it was also "legit". This load was in the Goldilocks zone - not as stout as Sperry but warmer (and more accurate) than AGB.
Here are six shots on paper @14 yards with PO:

Gun Firearm Trigger Revolver Recreation

No misses on either of the 18 yard steels. here is 18 yard steel to my right:

Gun Tree Revolver Recreation Trigger

Only 50% at the gong @ 25 yards going 3/6...
and then 4/6 on the popper at 29 yards

The rain was falling now and here is a picture showing water beaded up on everything:

Two-fer-two on the round and silhouette knockdowns and two-fer-three on the square one!!!! No bobbles with the Precision One ammo either so....perfect function for the day!!
It has been a while since I have had any hiccups with the P229!
Rounding things out, I went 7/13 on the far steel with PO.

Totals for the pistol:

357Sig: 11,086 rounds representing 197 offerings
40S&W: 236 rounds representing 1 offering

The 11,000 round milestone! and can you see which milestone is coming next??
I will have to choose my ammo carefully! But, I still have 77 loads to try!
Parting shot - 9/12 on the 50 yard steel with Sperry Ballistics ammo!: