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P226 Equinox Value

  1. Curious if anyone knows what a Sig P226 Equinox .40 with 100 rounds through it would be worth? Looking to offload and consolidate down to nothing but 9mm.

    Going to use the proceeds towards a P320 xcompact/carry.

  2. Check over on GunBroker...good luck
  3. Thanks. Not a single one listed, so figured I would check and see if anyone here had a clue.
  4. I will never trade a Sig P226 Equinox for a P320 whatever. But that's just me.

    P320 < P226 Equinox.

    I know it is not what you asked. Just trying to help and prevent future regrets.
  5. The caliber really hurts the value.
  6. Yep. Unfortunately, went the wrong way on this one.
  7. Nor would I trade a .40 carry gun for a 9mm, but I have been on Glock Talk long enough to get used to people making gun decisions that seem ridiculous to me.
  8. It is what it is. I have a few 40’s myself. Great caliber, just no value unless it’s got rarity and/or only available in 40.
  9. I get it, but it’s sat in the safe since purchased, and figure I’d get something I’m going to shoot more and reload. Nothing wrong with the gun, and might keep it. No need to take a bath, just trying to see what the worth of it is.
  10. I think you can convert it to a 9mm. You'll need a Bar-Sto barrel, mags and recoil spring.
  11. That would be worth investigating