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P2000 357 Sig

  1. I'm thinking about picking one up locally and was wondering if there was any reason I shouldn't?
    I've heard ammo was scarce and expensive but I've seen ammo and the three places in town I buy at.
    Thanks for any imput.

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  2. They are a bit difficult to find in that caliber, even the OEM conversion barrels aren't cheap or readily available.
    Great pistol. If it's at a price that you're comfortable with, don't hesitate to buy it.
  3. Great Pistol! I have owned one for over ten years and it’s always performed flawlessly.
  4. That’s one of the few .357 Sig pistols that would tempt me. If the price is good, pick it up and enjoy!
  5. Just ammo price and availability is all.

    Otherwise it’s a great round and a great pistol.
  6. Get it and a 40SW extra barrel for it...
  7. Before buying a .357 Sig caliber I would suggest you do some research.
    And, I’m only trying to help the OP.

    What purpose would it serve?
    Range? A 9mm would be cheaper to feed.

    HD or SD? I’ve yet to see a SD round in the Sig caliber that did anything better than a premium 9mm loading. You get more recoil and less capacity vs a good 9mm pistol.
    As a matter of fact, the testing I’ve seen shows the .40 to perform better than the Sig round.

    I once bought a G-27 to carry OEM for SD with plans to drop-in a G-32 (4” .357 Sig) barrel for the woods.
    Then I started researching.
    I found no reason to switch to the Sig round.

    Again I find myself carrying (on most days) a G-27 and have no plans to convert it (picked it up on a trade with a coworker). When the sweatshirts/jackets come out I switch to the G-45.

    Federal has discontinued the .357 Sig loading in their HST bullets. It’s on a downward spiral and may soon be either hard to find or be even more expensive.

    But, if you have the disposable income and really want it, then go for it. H&K makes great pistols.

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  8. I bought my brother's USP Compact in 357SIG. I regret not buying his P2000 when he sold it. I know he regrets selling it too. He plans on buying a VP40 and getting a 357 barrel.
  9. Yeah I'd rather get a .40 and pick up a conversion barrel if you are new to .357 Sig.
  10. The P2000 is basically a USP but with 'better' ergonomics. It has an adjustable backstrap which you may like. Excellent reliability as you would expect from HK, they use USP mags too. Good choice of calibre. I've fired a USP in .357Sig and recoil is nothing to worry about. The P2000 will take the battering of it too.
  11. I have had one for several years. A very nice pistol and enjoyable to shoot..
    I liked it so much I purchased another P2000 in 40 S&W..
    You won't be sorry.
  12. Not to nitpick, but the P2000 and USP Compact take the same magazines.
  13. If I could find an HK locally in 357 SIG, I would buy it. I think it's a cool caliber even though it's loud, snappy, and expensive!:notlistening:
  14. I'd like to have the USP Compact in .357 Sig.

    Hard to find locally, however. I'll keep looking.
  15. It sounds like a rare neat HK to own. I own a two .357 sig guns. I liked them better than.40 for SD back in the day. Now with 9mm +P Speer being so good I don't carry or use any of them. I picked up a 9mm KKM conversion barrel and a stock G23 barrel for my G32. For my Sig P229 I bought another .40 barrel. .357 sig is a neat caliber, but the thrill wears off fast.
  16. I too am in the market. IF the price is right. That's the problem with rarities. "Prepare to bend over..."
  17. Good suggestion. The P2000 I just picked up is .40 and came with an extra HK 357sig barrel. Target Sport has 357 ammo at a fair price, even if they are slow to ship.
  18. I am particularly fond of the .357 Sig and have several in H&K, Glock & Sig. I buy bulk ammo (1000 rd. cases) from BulkAmmo.com. Always in stock, quick shipping and pretty reasonable.