Owners protecting stores from would-be robbers

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    A Toledo store clerk ends a robbery and saves his own life. It happened Sunday at Bengals Food Mart on Airport Highway.

    Police say a man tried to rob the place, but the clerk drew his gun and killed the suspect Store owners say they're not afraid to defend themselves.

    In the last three days, it's been the suspects who've been pulled out on a stretcher or put in a body bag. Local business owners say they're fed up with criminals.

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    Lewis Babona owns GM Food Mart. Babona says he wasn't surprised when the owner of Allied Music shot the suspect who attempted to rob the store.

    Police say Steve James was shot three times. He's charged with aggravated robbery.

    Two days later a store clerk at Bengals Food Mart shot and killed a robber. Police say the robber was wearing a wig. The shooting was caught on tape.

    Babona says, "He did an excellent job by shooting the robber because we're here working 14-15 hours a day to provide for our family, to do the best for the customers."

    Babona says he carries his gun 24-7. He told us, "We're not here to hurt somebody but if you come in and pull a gun on me, it gots to be either me or you."

    His shop is located in a high crime area and his employees work behind bulletproof glass. "We are very very angry to see people like that come into our home."

    That's why the store owner says "Rob at your own risk."
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    I like everything about this story. Hard working citizen goes home to his family. Criminal goes in the ground in a box. I am confused though. Doesn't bullet proof glasss work both ways? How did the clerk shoot the robber?:dunno: