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Overwhelmed with political fund raising ads

  1. Maybe its my own fault since I made a donation awhile ago to the Trump re-election campaign, and another one to the Republican Senate organization, but I am getting deluged with texts day and night as well as emails, all asking for money. Its 5:30 PM as I am typing this, and so far today I have received 24 texts and 17 emails from various Republican candidates and groups, all trying to find clever and innovative ways to get me to donate money. Once you donate they don't leave you alone even for a short time, but immediately start asking for more and more money. Maybe the Democrats do the same to their small donors but it is really, really annoying.
  2. That crap turns people off. That's way over kill.

    While I have you here, would you like to donate to the Human Fund?
  3. Yup sucks. I donated to DJT last round now I get calls and texts from random places asking for $$.

    The phone doesn’t bother me cause I rarely answer the land line. Texts are a PITA but I keep replying back asking to be removed and over the last few dats it’s dropped off significantly. Maybe someone got the memo.
  4. If they are messaging you by texts, you should be able to reply ‘Stop’ or the like to be removed. If not, go to the details of the text, find the number and block it.
  5. #MeToo.
    Some of the fundraising letters ask for outrageous amounts.
  6. I get personal letters from Melania. :hearts:
  7. I learned yesterday that I'd disappointed the President and won't be invited to his rally because I didn't donate in time.

    And that's in the same week I was trying to reclaim those lost funds for that poor prince from Nigeria.
  8. I get emails seeking donations every day. I just hit the trash can icon and like magic, they go away.
  9. Between mail asking for money and email the same, I used to get about 300 solicitations/mo. Now it's way beyond that, at least 500.

    I got a new one in a phone call an hour ago. I answered the phone with "Hello", lots of silence, then the other end said "XYX" forget the name and I said I've had this number for 9 yrs. Miust be the new ploy, he then went into his pitch for the firemen. On my end "Click". Don

  10. I got one last week from Nancy.
  11. The word must be out on my cheapskate ways, even the PBA stopped soliciting.
  12. a few nights ago Lindsey Graham was on Fox News describing the attacks on his home and the threat to his campaign asking for money so I sent a donation, well not that I regret sending a little disposable income to one of the in my estimation most important causes I can think of in my lifetime and as you experienced I’ve become the recipient of endless texts, emails and phone calls some with a Washington prefix. I’ve no problem ignoring them, on the up side every time a fly farts in the oval office I’m Instantly notified, with a request for money to buy air freshener of course.
  13. Just a reminder to read the political donor ads carefully. I made a donation today to the Republican Senate campaign. Had I noted looked VERY closely, I would have committed to the amount I chose right now, and the same amount monthly into the future. Pretty deceptive and I almost canceled the whole donation.
  14. I saw that too and quickly unchecked the box.
  15. I get many text requests. No email no phone call no paper junk mail.

    I rather have numerous texts than all the other media.

    Also I do not donate through the text link.

    I go to the official campaign web page.
  16. I've gotten a few texts....but anyone who actually calls and asks for donations risks hearing a blasting-loud wet-smacking fart, up close and personal right into the phone...
  17. We get very little snail mail these days. But for the past couple of weeks our mailbox is jammed full every day. Political mailings and offers for a “better” Medicare supplemental plan.
  18. I give to independent candidates and never the RNC but it doesn't seem to matter. Just like you, my inbox is full and mailbox is stuffed. I will be happy 11/4 and maybe I can even take out my repressed agitation on rioters?

    To be fair, I also give to about 5 charities. I have 8 calendars for 2021, a lot of Christmas cards, and endless address labels.

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  19. I'm sure many here who are Trump supporters and worry about what kind of country we will end up with if Biden wins and the Dems take over the Senate, but I wonder how many actually open their wallet and help. Each of us gets to vote, and many of us will try to convince others to vote the way we want th em to. But sending money can make a difference. I'm not the biggest fan of Lindsey Graham, but I recognize that he is in the political fight of his life right now, so I sent him a few bucks. I sent some to a few other Senate Republicans facing real challenges from the well funded Democrats. And I sent what I could to Trump's campaign. My small donations guarantee nothing but they make me feel that I am doing what I can to advance our cause rather than just gripping about what is going on.
  20. You Dog U.

    Not to disappoint, but I think she’s already spoken for. :)
  21. After I gave 3 times and then ignored texts afterwards, I got a text telling me that I must be a Biden supporter.
    I texted back GFY and I sincerely hope someone read it although I know they didn’t.
  22. I get a bunch every day. It bothered me at first, but I consider it a cost of doing business. If (God willing) Trump wins, it will have been well worth while.
  23. My cell phone has been blowing up with texts from every Republican in Washington, asking for more money. I have no idea how they got my number.
  24. If it doesn't end in a couple of weeks, then you can complain.
    Meanwhile, just be glad your side has a strong ground game.
  25. I gave some money to Anna Paulina Luna who is running for Congress in Pinellas County against that slime ball Charlie Crist. Now she won't leave me alone. And I live on the other side of the state!
  26. I donated to Trump and then again to Lindsey Graham (he really impressed me during the Amy Barrett confirmation hearings).

    Reply with STOP. I had to do the same thing.
  27. Does replying with STOP really stop the endless texts and emails? I thought that any reply only confirms that the address is valid and would increase the number of texts or emails.
  28. What he doesn't know won't hurt him. :D
  29. I won’t donate to billionaires and millionaires but that’s my personal belief system. Your mileage may vary
  30. Annual open enrollment dates. That's why all the MC stuff
  31. I have blocked my email to the more persistent sites. I wonder if the organizations sending out the notices for the candidates gets a decent % of the intake?
    Since we have already voted the USPS stuff goes directly into recycle.
  32. Yep. Waaay too much. A local politician has sent over a dozen mails and as many recorded phone calls. I'd pay double if I could subscribe to their heres-your-money-to-not-call-me-list. Price of living in a republic, I guess.

    Makes me kind of like the Brit idea of limiting the timeframe for campaigning.
  33. I tell those requesting donations they can have part of my next stimulus check.
  34. I only get emails because I never give my real phone number when I fill out the form to donate. Last year I gave up my land line but I use that number whenever filling out any forms for any reason. I have never given my cell number and I never receive any spam calls or texts. I don't mind spending an extra sixty seconds every day deleting emails and after the election is over it won't be a problem any more.

    I have donated what I could afford to Trump to try to Keep the Bolsheviks from taking over our country and destroying it and Ive donated to Martha McSally to try to save a senate seat and keep extreme Leftist and anti-gunner Mark Kelly out of the Senate. I also donated to both Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham for their efforts towards getting Amy Coney Barret on the supreme court even though I find both those men especially Graham, untrustworthy.
  35. I get a personalized Christmas card from Jill every year and I never asked for one. I need to get off that GILF site.

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  36. If you buy something online and they ask for your phone number or if you make a political donation and they ask for your phone number You should NEVER give it to them. I discontinued my land line last June but I still use that number, which is no longer in service, anytime I'm required to give a phone number for any reason.

    As a result I never receive spam calls or texts on my cell phone.
  37. I always use my landline for stuff like that. My cell phone is only for personal and business contacts. I don't know how they got it, but they did. And they know my first name too.
  38. Its not Karen is it?
  39. :)
  40. Legitimate will stop. Totally worked for me.
  41. My other half gave to Trump once, now my Post Office Box gets begging letter daily to her. She done giving.

    I would like a $1.00 for ever Hundred Buck, McSally & Kelly are spending to be Arizona Senator. BTW I would you the BUCK to buy Coofee for my favorite Vet Hald Way house that never has enoght Coofe, Dry Creamer, and Sugar.
  42. I've never donated to anyone, but I get multiple political texts daily.

    I'm also getting many phone calls from unknown numbers every day. Don't know if they're political in nature since I don't answer and they don't leave voicemail, but I assume they are.

    And of course, political junk mail in my mailbox almost every day.
  43. Ha, I just got a text from Lou Holts asking for money... I’m almost tempted to text back I know Lou Holts he came to my department when several of us were promoted into staff positions, he was friends with my boss and spent the day teaching us his leadership training this was over 20 years ago, but I doubt he really has anything directly to do related to soliciting donations.
  44. It is actually worse than that. Some committees split up your donation with percentages going to different candidates , committees and causes. one Committee using Trumps name gives 35 % to Mitt Romney and 50 % to Win Red - ugh -
  45. It sucks living in PA right now. I get multiple spam calls/texts per day, mailers from Biden every day and one from Trump every few days, mailers from the unions, and every commercial break during the football game today there a Biden ad. Both candidates are their posses are here now almost daily. I hate to say it, but PA will likely be within fraud distance. It’s almost like The Biden campaign thinks MN and WI are going for Trump on the law and order issue.
  46. No. Why?
  47. I was making a funny. You know what a "Karen" is don't you?
  48. Oh ok now I get it. Yes, I learned what a "Karen" is right here on GT.

    You don't really think I'm a "Karen", do you? With all the abuse I have endured around here, I have never once reported anybody to the mods. Not even the 3 stooges on my ignore list.
  49. No, not at all. Just making fun at ya.
  50. Oh ok. I'm used to that LOL.