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Overrated classic films?

  1. Back when we were in Uber-quarantine mode I watched a handful of older, “classic” movies, some of which I’d never seen before and others that I hadn’t seen in 20+ years. A few of which I found to be very overrated.

    The Godfather (1972)- I love Scorsese and many of his films, but found The Godfather to be long and predicable. Maybe because the themes have been re-done (Scarface, Goodfellas, Casino, etc)?

    Dog Day Afternoon (1975)- way too long and redundant as most of the film simply takes place inside the bank.

    Anybody else find some “classic” movies overrated?
  2. Birth of a nation

    Soundtrack is terrible...
  3. Smoky and the Bandit 2
  4. Casablanca
  5. You need special speakers that are compatible with films of that time period. Modern speakers for Dolby Sound won't work.
  6. Pokémon Detective Pikachu
  7. "Deep Throat"....way too long.
  8. Major League 2

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  9. All the Movies that are filmed in the dark from the 70's thru the 90's. Damn I hate darkened Movies. Generally I will just move on to something that is NOT filmed that way!!!!! Or, any movies that have a friggen Flute playing over the talking parts. Which is generally Native American content. YIKES!!!!!
  10. The Last Picture Show

    Maybe not the original theatrical reels, but all the home releases cut and/or cropped out the best Cybill Shepherd topless shots. Only momentary boobage remains.
  11. It wasn't way too long for her.
  12. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974, and I am a horror movie fan.
  13. Blazing saddles.
    Smoky and the bandit, original version.
    Hush, hush, Sweet Charlotte.
  14. Citizen Kane...ooof! Rosebud, Rosebud.....
    Westside Story! They don't stop singing when they are dying.
  15. I am a horror fan, but Poltergeist (1982) just didn't do anything for me when I watched it for the first time. It is one of the very few classic horrors that fell flat when I viewed it as an adult.
  16. You have to watch them keeping in mind how phenomenal they were at the time they were made.

    One of the toughest for me was when I watched Star Wars again for the first time in 30-40 years. It was horrible. I realized I was judging it by today's standards and had forgotten how awesome it was when first released. Watching it from that perspective it was once again one of the greatest movies ever.
  17. Carrie still gives me the willies
  18. The Secret Life of Pets 2
  19. Yup!
  20. Yes. Citizen Kane was the first film that came to mind and I hate West Side Story. The Godfather is my favorite movie. The book is very good as well.
  21. TCM runs the uncut version, afaik.
  22. Just about all of Welles’ stuff is disappointing. “Kane” is technically interesting, but boring - and an inaccurate hit job. Even when he has a good story - like “The Third Man” - he bollixes it up with (in that case) a weird music track or some bizarre characterization. He once had Charlton Heston playing a Mexican detective. The man was talented as all getout, but basically was a 400 hp V8 connected to a two speed automatic transmission.

  23. Nope. It's not a big deal, just some breastssssss. I wasn't really serious --- just trying to be funny. And, well, I like boobs. There's that. :thumbsup:

    Anyway the home versions of the film are mostly intact .. Cybill is still topless in a couple scenes, just more briefly than original. But getting technical about it, all the home releases have had scenes cut or cropped vs. the original cut.

    Top: home release versions
    Bottom: original screens.
    (Censored for GT consumption, of course)


    That whole sequence of her on the diving board and the boy in the pool right in front of her is like the second photo above afaik, not the cropped frames as above.
  24. Easy Rider

    It was Dennis Hopper's movie and he had a good part, but as everyone knows Jack Nicholson stole the movie and made him the mega-star he became. I thought it was great when I saw it in the theater in 1970, but when I watched it again about ten years ago I was embarrassed for myself.
  25. Casablanca is still a great movie. So is Citizen Kane, the Godfather and West Side Story (if you like musicals). Easy Rider was never a very good, certainly not a classic movie.
  26. No love for the zither?
  27. [delete
  28. Gone With the Wind. Just not my thing, I suppose. It's very boring to me.
  29. I watched Super troopers last night... you need to be drinking to enjoy anything but the T shots. (Forget the A shots)
    If I had the time I would meow scrub the internet for any time I might have suggested it.
  30. Jeremiah Johnson continues to hold up well.
  31. This was going to be my serious answer. Saw it in the 90s and thought "What's the big deal?"
  32. I can't stand any of the older classic movies, I've tried to watch a bunch on TCM.

    Citizen Kane - terrible, really unwatchable

    John Wayne movies - a terrible actor, though the ideals the movies portrayed were very admirable.

    Gone with the wind - awful

    I could go on and on...

    I think the reason is, a movie is popular (or not) in it's era largely because of the prevailing attitudes and technology of that period. It is unfair to judge it in a more modern period because those things change to such a large extent that it becomes futile. Dialogue and behavior are dated, and any effects are laughable.

    Here's a funny example of those generational differences, this made me laugh for 10 minutes yesterday.

    I'm watching a series on Netflix called Dead to Me. I turned it on at first because I recognized Kelly Bundy and I always liked Married with Children.

    There's a scene where she is bribing a teen to take an Instagram picture down. They agree on an amount, and she starts to write a check.

    The teen looks confused and says - what are you drawing there? Venmo me.

    For some reason that hit my funny bone hard.

    In a few years though, that dialogue won't even make any sense, right?
  33. I'll just say "The Sand Pebbles" gets better every time I watch it.
  34. An Officer and a Gentleman. When it came out, people were raving about it. My wife and I thought it was just plain LAME.
  35. Streetcar Named Desire
  36. 2001: A Space Odyssey... one of the worst movies ever created.
  37. I'm sure I'm unusual, but I'd say almost every movie made before 1980. I've watched many of the famous old movies and almost always come away wondering why anybody would like them.
  38. Raising Arizona. Holly Hunter (mmm....) and the Lone Biker of the Apocalypse.

    Awesome! Well, the first time.

    Second time around and many years after I first saw it and loved it, it did nothing for me. Some movies I guess are "one and done."
  39. Agreed. Holly Hunter was a fox in that movie.
  40. Top Gun

    It is brought up here every now and then, but, to me, it just gets worse with time. Kelly McGillis being cast in this film was the HUGEST mistake...EVER!!! Also, the portrayal of naval officers was just way too juvenile. I've been around tons of USMC pilots and many naval pilots, and this movie's portrayal is ridiculous. However, I'm really hoping they hit a homer with this new one coming out next year.
  41. watched The Maltese Falcon recently...it was "okay".
  42. are you kidding? I know some people who would go to the Milford theater on Pulaski Av in Chicago circa 1969, hopped up on Mary Jane and Lake Shore Drive. The Milford was a dive and the cost of the movie was two bits because it was an old release. You could smoke and drink and whatever in that wanker theater. Great times.

  43. You "know some people???"

    I used to know some people too. :cheers:
  44. I’ll probably get slammed for this, but I thought Pulp Fiction was over rated. Maybe it was the hype, but it didn’t do a thing for me. I kept wondering when it would be over.
  45. That’s a major problem with classic anything, if you were not around to see something groundbreaking, but were around to see it ripped off 60 times over your last 20 years of life before you saw/heard the original, kinda hard to give it a fair rating.

    Anyway, I like most classic films in one way or another but thought “Nashville” was horrible, just horrible.
  46. Quentin Tarantino is an acquired taste. I loved Kill Bill and inglorious Basterds, but I hated Once upon a time in Hollywood and some of his other movies.
  47. Interesting. I’m not a QT fan per se as I didn’t like Kill Bill (either one), Inglorious Basterds was ok, but I thought Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was great.
  48. I could not finish Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. I kept waiting for there to be a point. It just felt like a slog. I enjoyed the dialog and revenge in IB. I liked the first Kill Bill better than the second.
  49. Gone With The Wind. I don't get how that was something.
  50. The Godfather...because it insists upon itself.

    Anyone who gets that reference gets a gold star lol