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Outlook sends from one location but not another?

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Drjones, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. Drjones


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    Hey, have a situation where a clients' laptop using Outlook will send emails from his home just fine, but he is unable to send emails from any other physical location; such as his girlfriends' home, hotels, etc.

    His email his hosted with GoDaddy.

    Any ideas?
  2. Pierre!

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    Yup, Know this one for sure...

    Depending on the carrier, the SMTP server may not be 'acceptable' or may appear to be 'relaying'.... So it blocks it.

    For instance - On the home network, I have to use the Cox network SMTP server.

    When the notebook is out 'roaming' the SMTP server must be the 'custom' domain SMTP server, or when I am not on Cox cable, it will fail to send.

    Make sense??? Cox won't allow my 'custom' email address to send through the 'custom' SMTP server on their network.

    The *real* fun comes when I forget this for a couple of days while traveling. I usually have the home Outlook up and running, and then start to use the same email address using the 'custom' SMTP server.. and then all the email stops! (Big Surprise) It's corrected it's self so far, but I can see it really becoming an issue possibly leading to a blacklist if it goes on too long...

    Come to think of it, the domain was held by GoDaddy till I moved it to NameCheap this past week... Hmmm - I think I need to check this.

    So any other advice about a generic and 'open' SMTP server that would handle this all the time would sure make me happy.

    Did that get you on yer way DrJones???

    HTH... and

    Happy Thanksgiving!
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  3. JimmyN


    Sep 29, 2006
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    That's common, it's port 25 blocking by the ISP's. When sending from his home connection then port 25 works as it goes directly to his ISP's mail server. When on the road the ISP's are blocking port 25 requests from passing through, which prevents him from relaying his send mail through that ISP's server and then on to his mail SMTP server.

    You would typically use port 587, instead of 25, to get around the port blocking. But your mail server must accept requests on 587 for it to work. It appears that GoDaddy makes 587 available on their mail server so you can probably get around the blocking.

    Go into your Outlook account setup and change the SMTP port from 25 to 587. That's all you need to change. After that when Outlook sends it will use port 587 rather than the standard port 25. It will still work from home, and it will also work when you are connected to another ISP away from home.

    I have our company mail server set to receive on port 587, so that employees on the road can still send out of our company mail server regardless of what ISP they are using for their connection at the time.