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Our new hospital admin is at it AGAIN

Discussion in 'The Furball Forum' started by countrygun, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. countrygun


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    Mar 9, 2012
    You may remember me mentioning the attitude they took towards a local person some time ago, this time it is their own staff.

    For years it has been the custom for most all of the employees to wear the patterned "nurses uniforms/scrubs" tops. The colorful patterned, and sometimes seasonal or whimsical "uniforms". It identifies them and in some sense they have become kind of a badge of pride. They are also handy with the pockets for those whose jobs take them from the office to the "floor".

    Well the geniuses have decided to issue a mandate to the "office staff" that this is no longer acceptable and they must wear "office attire". They have given the order effective in two weeks.

    The town has a population of around 2,000 (including the surrounding community for 20 miles or so) We are 40+ miles from the nearest McDonalds, 80 miles from the nearest Wal-Mart. The hospital building is 60 years old with no room for expansion. Nobody comes here for medical treatment it is simply "the only game in town". It is to serve the community, it is not a drawing card. The demographics are heavily skewed towards those approaching retirement or past it, they don't care what the secretaries and etcetera are wearing.

    Now for most of these folks, their wardrobe, off duty, is generally way too casual for office attire (hey it is a VERY "rural" area) besides a wedding/funeral "outfit" the work uniform is it. You can guess the pay is less than munificent, but now they have two weeks to obtain "office wear". Some can be obtained at the next town 40 miles away, but most are going to have to make a trip to the bigger city 80 miles away, we have NO places that stock mens or womens clothing in the little down if you exclude the outdoor store, and cammie hunting shirts or Carharts, and Dickies won't cut it.

    C'mon folks, this hospital exists because it has a "captive" clientel and most of them know the people working at the hospital. Nobody flies in to take advantage of the miracle healing waters at the "Spa". You have just vastly, and suddenly, taken a big chunk out of some of your employees take home pay. I hate to tell you, but you already have the best qualified employees the community of 2,000 has to offer. If they get PO'ed and walk do you think you are going to draw people in to fill the jobs on what that hospital can afford to pay? You should also remember, that it is still a "COMMUNITY OWNED" hospital and you are just mercenaries with a contract to manage it.

    It is simply "Hey, there is something that's working, lets screw with it to improve OUR self-image"

    OK yah, I'm steamed. My wife can quit anytime, and this isn't a crusher to us (heck, I think her 3 night a week job MIGHT break even in our finances, considering and almost 30 mile roundtrip the "scrub tops lunches etc. but it gets her out of the house). I just think that a good half of the office people are young marrieds with kids at home, making mediocre at best wages, and it is a poor business practice to dump a financial burden on your staff like this, when it will not change the bottom line of the hospital one bit. Nobody makes the decision to go to this hospital based on the staff wardrobe.

    I am open minded enough to possibly think there might be a personel, espirit etc change they are trying to make (misguided as it would be) by upping the dress code, but it is going to hit some of the other employees pocketbooks hard.

    OK I'm done
  2. KG1F


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    Dec 29, 2010
    Everyone should buy just one outfit and wear it every single day, wash it once a week if necessary.

  3. Brucev


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    Jul 19, 2009
    The people who made this decision do not have any problem with purchasing the clothing suitable for office wear. And they have no concern for those who do have problems purchasing such clothing... on short notice.

    The people who made this decision are not eternal. They die all the time. Sometimes, before they die off, they end up coming into the hospital... even into the emergency room. Perhaps they even encounter some of the folks whose lives they made hard by their own thoughtlessness. Boy... talk about the bottom rail on top!
  4. allen13


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    Aug 2, 2012
    Wetside WA.
    I find this whole issue very concerning. I am in the middle of a career change and decided to back to school and get a degree in human services. We study issues involved in various settings such as rural areas. I mentioned this situation to others; peers, professors with Ph.D.’s and the like, (in a confidential manner and no one knows I even have anything to do with this site or the fact I am heavily involved in shooting sports) and it left most of them scratching their heads. They could not understand “why”; especially given the environment and the issue of “community”. It had most people thinking it would have a repelling effect on the clients. An established working relationship with a client base is a valuable thing. You can’t take the norms of one area and apply them to another. I don’t know how much knowledge the administration has of the community they are operating in but, it does seem as if they are not paying attention. It is definitely going to cause disruption in the “purpose”of what the employees are there for. If this was a different environment; a case could be made for the dress code change.