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Our Eric is in Trouble

  1. Dear GSSF'ers,

    Eric Powell, owner of GlockTalk is having severe financial problems due to his recent illness and needs some donations to keep GlockTalk on the air (read and click on his note at the top of the home page). I do not expect the members of the other forums to be of much help, but we GSSF'ers really need this board for communications. I'm mailing off a check as soon as I get to the office today. Please pitch in and spread the word. We just have to keep GlockTalk going. Give what you can. Every dollar helps. If you mail a check, include a note that you are a GSSF'er, so Eric knows we support him. I know I can count on my Team Sidearmor teammates for help. I pray that I can count on YOU! Take a moment to think about the fun we have had and friends we have made through this GSSF Forum. You may contribute electronically, but if you mail a check you can include a note of appreciation.

    Danny Ryan
  2. This board is a very valuable resource to me. I've improved so much as a shooter since I first joined some 20 months ago, especially in GSSF.

    I'm glad to help out.


  3. Been there, done that.
  4. Eric,

    Check #1915 is in the mail.
  5. Just made my electronic donation! Eric, I hope your recovery continues to be a speedy one! Thanks for this sight and the GSSF form!
  6. I'm doing my part. Thanks for the Site Eric.
  7. I second that!! - 'ole joe :cool:
  8. Danny...Done.
    Will try to get G29 to join.
  9. Thanks Eric! Check in the mail.
  10. Eric:

    Check # 524 is in the mail. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  11. You folks are the best! Thanks for helping our Eric out. :)
  12. Eric,

    My best wishes for your speedy recovery! Thank you for all that you've done for us... especially supplying a nice place to visit and learn.

    Best regards,

    My check was dropped off at the post office this morning. Thanks!
  13. donation just made via Paypal. Not a GSSFer, but I still need to show my support and appreciation.....


    Thanks for all you've done, hope you're feeling better soon.
  14. Eric,
    I've only been a member for a few weeks, but really enjoy Glock Talk.
    After a GSSF match, it's great fun checking out all ths posts.
    Get well soon, the check's in the mail.

  15. Why not?
  16. not a gssfer, myself, but im in also.
  17. eric ... a money order will be in mail tuesday... know what it's like to be on short end of things... A
  18. A few years ago Woof tried to raise some money for much needed ungrades to Glocktalk. There was little response from the other forums at that time. Everyone in this forum seems to back Eric 100% in his efforts and decisions. There are a lot of folks in the other forums that just don't care. My projections are based on history. The regulars in this forum are responsive to Eric's needs because we need this forum for GSSF communications.

    So far, all of my teammates on Team Sidearmor that are in town have contributed to the cause. I expect the ones out of town will contribute when they return.

    At present, I know of no other moderators that have posted a request in their forum. I've checked most, but not all, so I could be mistaken.
  19. DannyR

    Fair enough. However, I think Eric's plea appears to be well recieved. I intend to contribute when I get back home (don't like using paypal from public terminals)
  20. Thanks for everything Eric, take care of yourself.
    Donation by paypal...

  21. Danny,
    I am not the senior mod in my section; so I will wait for Smoney.
  22. NoVA Looker,

    I don't care for paypal at all, so I just prefer to mail a check.
  23. Just made an electronic contribution Eric. Hope your feeling better and know our prayers are with you. Bless you. Eddie.
  24. Done, sent it via secure connection
  25. Evenings would not be the same without this site. CC numbers sent your way.:cool:

  26. Money sent.

    Get Well Soon.
  27. sent my electronic payment.hope you feel better soon.;a ;f
  28. You ladies and gentlemen are the best in the world. I am very proud to be associated with you. I hope all of you earn a prize at your next GSSF match. The grand prize is that you have helped keep GlockTalk on the air.:)
  29. Eric...have sent my contribution via PayPal....hope your recovery is speedy and that the realization of what you have done for all of us is realized by yourself and gives you the strength and purpose to continue aggressively....to all out there I feel proud to be a part of this Family, Everyone have a Great Day....oh Yeh, coach(Danny) thanks for getting this off the ground ;f
  30. My check is in the mail!
  31. Done...
  32. PayPal sent. Thanks Eric!!!!!!!!
  33. I am amazed at the amount of Glock Talk Contributor Icons I am seeing here. It says A LOT about how great this site is. Eric has done a great job at running it and I hope everything goes well with his recovery. May it be quick and as painless as possible. Thanks for a great site Eric.
  34. Small contribution sent. Not a member of this board, but will shoot first GSSF match this weekend with GSSF465, due to this site. Thanks Eric.
  35. My Paypal's on the way, forgot to mention the GSSF affiliation though...opps!

    Dee:) :) :) :)
  36. Check #5752 in the mailbox Monday morning. Thanks for all you do, and get well soon.


    Here I go again!!!