Other deer hunting adventures

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    About the time of the bare back deer ride, there were a couple more minor incidents involving deer hunters;

    They both took place up close to Young, Ariz., on the bore tree trail. A once a year city hunter was walking a ridge line when he heard some noise below him, down in the scrub oak. He remembered his safety seminar in Phoenix, so he called down, "anybody there?" Some smart-*** yells,"No!"

    blam, blam

    Luckily sound shots are hard to hit.

    In the other, a guy was working his way up one of the forestry trails that our benevolent government has built for us, when he heard a crashing, thrashing sound up above. He dropped off the trail, behind some brush, til he could identify the noise.

    Presently a guy came into sight, and he was a mess. He'd had the crap beat out of him, he had his rifle tied in the crook of his arms, and a note permanently attached to his chest that said, 'This silly bastard took a shot at me.'