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OT: Iron man movie

  1. what im pretty much excited about is the upcoming iron man movie which stars robert downey jr. playing the role of billionaire industrialist, playboy and drunkard, tony stark. terrence howard will play the role of war machine, gwyneth paltrow as pepper potts and jeff bridges as the villainous obadiah stane.
    ever since i was a kid i've always been a fan of this marvel superhero. i like him better than spiderman, x men, and avengers combined. i used to be a geek about these things back during my elementary days and i've been longing to watch an iron man movie on screen.
    Finally, thanks to hollywood's jaw-dropping, CGI's and imagination, they were able to bring iron man to life. He's pretty cool actually. if you like the batman movies, you're gonna love this one too.
    i like superheroes who dont have real superpowers but with their intelligence and ingenuity they become superheroes in their own right. unlike superman who came from the planet krypton, or wolverine who's a mutant, or spiderman who got his powers from a spider bite, or captain america who's a super soldier, heroes like ironman, batman, the punisher are just human beings with no innate superpowers but with their intellect and human abilities they became superheroes. they're more real than all other heroes combined.
  2. any idea when it's going to be shown in the movies???
  3. i believe it will be shown may, 2008 pa. i've seen the trailer when it was shown at the comic con (convention or something) and it was really really good. remember those days when transformers were being featured a year ago? the same excitement you'd feel when you see the trailer. i think it will even be better than "the dark knight". although cool din yung dark knight, it features batman christian bale, heath ledger as the joker and aaron eckhart as harvey dent a.k.a two face. a lot of exciting movies next year.
    grabe, millions na naman ang kikitain ni stan lee sa iron man movie niya. Plus there is already a movie about the "hulk" which features edward norton as the starring role. cool.
  4. the iron man trailer features robert downey jr as tony stark making a speech in front of the u.s. army and then it also showed how their army convoy got ambushed and how he ended up having that shrapnel in his chest. it then featured his very first iron man armor, the mach 1. and ultimately his red and gold armor which was based on adi granov's artwork. then you'll see the iron man fly faster than the new USAF fighter jets called raptors. cool effects specially the sonic boom when he accelerated in the skies. i think its a lot cooler than superman returns.
    they're gonna use the new audi roadster in the movie.i believe its the audi r8 if im not mistaken. cool huh?
  5. Sana gumawa sila ng movie tungkol sa 2nd favorite ko - the Mighty Thor !

    My 1st favorite was Silver Surfer and lumabas na sa wakas.

  6. actually sir, that will be their next project. they're gonna do a movie about thor, the thunder god. i just dont know yet who's gonna play the part. they're also considering that guy who was in the movie "Pathfinder" to play the part. But for me, personally , i think the guy from 13th warrior, remember that blonde guy with big muscles who played the role as the warrior king, i forgot his name, he'll fit perfectly for that role as thor. he looks like him in the comic books too.
    As for silver surfer, his appearance in the fantastic four was pretty much amazing. i think they're planning to make a solo movie about norin radd's origins. Also upcoming are other marvel heroes like captain america and namor : the submariner.
  7. Karl Urban
  8. Magkano na nga dati yung mga National Bookstore comics reprints?

    Php 1.75 ba o Php 2.75?

    The good old days....
  9. I liked the Green Lantern more. But Iron Man seemed to be the coolest

    Though I'm not too keen about his Achilles heel: being able to use his armor for only an hour, iirc. Beyond that, he dies.

    I can't stand the suspense... :supergrin:
  10. What do all these superheroes do for sex?
  11. I don't believe they're interested in sex...

    I figure wearing their underwear over their pants is proof that their genitalia is the least of their worries. :supergrin:
  12. The only comic books i read before were MAD. Alfred Neuman should be a superhero.