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OT: did you try this to your maid/yaya?

  1. my wife and i noticed that our maid is addicted to texting. I told my wife i will text her with my other sim to test her my wife agreed medyo duda na kasi kami sa kanya so i started texting here pa tweetums effect in one hour of texting i got important info from her even though she don't me.

    I asked her if i can visit her? she said yes and why not
    I asked her where she live? she gave my home address including the landmark nearest to my house.
    i asked her how many cars do they have? she gave also the correct answer.
    I asked her how many are you inside the house? again she texted back the answer.
    all the nescessary info needed to infiltrate my house she freely gave the info to a person she don't even know

    I am furious so is my wife. we decided to buy her one way ticket and bring her to the nearest pier.
  2. pot, maganda cguro yaya mo!!!:animlol: :rofl:

    kumuha ka ng panget, wala tatawag jan :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  3. [​IMG]
  4. E bakit naman may picture pa sa iyo yan pot?
  5. Kahit panget pa yaya/katulong nyo (hindi ko nililibak yung asa pic ha) basta gusto paginteresan ng BG ang bahay na pinagtatrabahutan ng yaya/katulong, eh talo-talo na yan.
  6. that's eye opening, pot.

    kelangan masabihan ang mga yaya.
  7. Amen to that bro! My classmate's family owned a beauty salon in Laguna, the gay manicurista was also wooed via text by some BG, and to make a long story short, when they broke into the place they had a great knowledge of the layout and how many people were in there, AND they knew exactly where to get the money...that's why they're BG's, they do anything and everthing to gain your trust and then when they have it, they use it to rob you blind or worse.
  8. for security rin pati sa cel ng wife may picture yan. tsak para ireto sa inyo. hehehe
  9. Anong number nya? Mai-text nga. :banana:
  10. +1 also keep a photo copy of their id's(sss,phil.health etc.)
  11. pero tama nga sa yung isang pugad baboy strip eh, you want the dirt (or just plain info) on your neighbors, get your helpers to talk to their helpers. ipa train sa ISAFP hehe. pero totoo, madami ngang information na lumalabas dahil sa chismis, eh shempre ang helper is part of the family, he/she knows what usually is happening. even if you don't show or talk about it, alam nila if something is up. the children can also sometimes unknowingly provide information.
  12. ha! yaya stories? marami ako nyan.admitedly,yaya with text is a big problem.we had about 5 yaya's na who either "escaped" (went to church and never came back,later we found out na galing pala sa beerhouse ang mga un at dumating mga fafa na koreans!)or got sacked coz of over texting.madumi bahay sa kakatext and got a boyfriend from other helpers in the neighbors/construction site.i have a neighbor who only gets yaya w/o text.the problem is mahirap kumuha ng yaya ngayon.unless......the ones waiting for a visa to okinawa.....:supergrin:
  13. always have resume or knowledge of where your help comes from and their home province address. since my shop has been robbed 5xs, i always made it a point to have the NBI check the background of anyone i hire. they always return to their home province when something goes haywire. this has somehow helped coz they know you got the bead on them. my 2 cents at turo sa akin ng taga NBI. thank you
  14. good job pot! dapat lang sinibak mo, he put you and your family in a possible danger! the way you checked your maid, is the same modus operandi of criminals in choosing their victims.
  15. Kayo naman. Naghahanap lang sila ng pagmamahal:supergrin:

    When I was a kid we had a yaya who would point me a butter knife if I wouldn't go to sleep. And she actually cut me in the thigh. Of course my parents sent her to jail.
  16. In the late 80's, a prominent family's house in Bacolod was entered by the rebels. They sent a good looking rebel to court one of the household helps. When the maid fell for him, she readily gave all information. A lot of firearms were taken from them when the parents were out of the house and the only son was there. One of the firearms, an HK 93 was recovered in a firefight years later.

    During that time, there was also a maid who was caught with an ICOM VHF handset among her personal belongings. She was caught when her messages splattered on the base radio that was located in the house where she was employed. The owner of the house readily recognized her voice. She was apparently monitoring the activies of a police substation near the house she was staying.
  17. There was a time when I went home unexpected and discovered that my yayas were hiding a man inside their room. Its a good thing I left my G19 in the car cause I was shaking with rage and who knows what could have happened had he made a wrong move. :steamed: