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OT: .22 LR Issues

  1. Permission to open a new thread on issues involving .22 LR firearms and ammo.

    Was in the range today. Use the Walther P22 and and the Remington 597 semi-auto rifle (also used the Glock 21 - no problems there - galing ng Glock talaga). Used 3 sets of ammo:

    1] Remington Thunderbolt (lead - High Vel)
    2] Armscor (lead - Standard Velocity)
    3] Armscor (subsonic JHP)

    The Remington ammo KB'd twice on the Remington Rifle.
    After about 100 rounds of Remington ammo on the P22, my shots started slewing around (balagbag). The barrel was really fouled with lead. :sad:

    Using the Armscor lead SV on the Remington 597 resulted in groupings that are 5 inches from 50 meters. :sad:

    When I used the Armscor subsonic JHP on the Remington 597, I managed to hit the bullseye (about the size of a one peso coin) thrice from 50 meters (one hole yung isa). Then I started targeting the silhouettes from 50 meters. No misses (there were at least seven). :banana: This was after I removed the flash hider. When the flash hider was connected, I can only manage 5 inch groupings. I noticed that whenever the suppressor was also connected, accuracy suffered somewhat. Lessons learned:

    1] Do not use the Remington Thunderbolt for both firearms;
    2] Do not use the Armscor lead - Standard Vel for both firearms;
    3] Use the .22 LR Armscor SS-JHP at least for the Remington 597;
    4] Remove the flash hider for greater accuracy;
    5] Remove the silencer for increased accuracy;
    6] Always clean the chamber and barrel (especially the one of the Remington 597 - it looks polygonal).
  2. I was really so close at buying a 22lr yesterday at the gunshow. I was only contemplating on either getting a rifle or pistol. The CZ452 or the Ruger MkIII. Hope to hear issues or suggestions regarding these two firearms. :)

    Father, from your post scratched out na from my list yung Remington rifle and ammo. :supergrin:
  3. Ok naman ang Remington 597 rifle. Accurate naman for a semi-auto. Basta Armscor SS-JHP bala saka alaga sa linis.

    Gusto mo bili Remington ammo? Me 400 rounds pa ako.
  4. Kapag nakabili na ako ng 22lr father. :supergrin:
  5. i feel, pareho tayo ng pinaglalawayan na rifle, does it start with the letter "G?":thumbsup:
  6. Hahaha, yan di na yata yung gusto ni father pang terno sa p22 nya. :supergrin:
  7. "G"? As in "garand"?
  8. G as in Walther G22.
  9. may tama ka! spin a win:thumbsup:
  10. Does anybody have a Ruger Mini-something, that .22LR carbine-type thing for which there are many accessories? ? Have seen them around. Considering for home defense. OK, not a big caliber but has a magazine for multiple hits/misses, and not as indiscriminantly destructive on furniture/paintings etc. as a shotgun is. Handguns out for me can't see well enough anymore need a shoulder rest and long barrel for pointing. Good for plinking too.

    Anyway, anybody have one of those ruger Minis? How do you find it? Are spare parts available locally? How much does one cost - P40k or something like that?
  11. how about marlin .17 hmr, may idea po bayo don sir.
    planning to buy that,
  12. Kahit siguro hindi letter G patulan ko na.


    5 yrs ago nasa $139 lang yan pero hindi pa ako kumuha.
  13. Poodle, different rifle/pistol likes different ammo-downside, we have few ammo choices in Pinas. My Armscor rifle and Ruger mark 3 loves remington without any issues or kaboom!:supergrin:

    Batangueno, what do you want to have- pistol or rifle? Both are very good FA. CZ rifle is very accurate bone stock. Ruger mark 3 is very reliable out of the box. It will last a lifetime.:supergrin: I want a CZ for my collection.

    Ante, it's 10/22 carbine (22lr), it is the one with lots of parts and accesories. If you want it for home defense, use CCI stinger ammo. slightly longer 22 lr that is safe to use on a stock 10/22. Rifle cost 23k to 40k depending on the model. Mini 14 carbines are centerfire rifles with .223 ammo, have not seen one here. it cost more than 10/22

    RT, .17 hmr is considered a magnum round, like 22 magnum. that is one of the best caliber for a rimfire. it is like downscaled .223. it has a flat trajectory of 100 yards compared to 50 yards for 22lr and 75 yards for 22 magnum. Have not seen any ammo like that here locally. Might be costly if available

    Regarding "G" my opinion, i don't like the bullpup design, the ejection port is just at the right side of your face, nakakatakot pag may kaboom!:supergrin: Check rimfirecentral on walther thread for reviews on g22
  14. Thanks, Dok. Yes, that's it - the 10/22. On sale at MCS. P23K- 40K? That's reasonable. And .22LR Stingers. Thanks again.
  15. Oo nga. Lead ba yung Remington na gamit mo? Gumamit ako ng Remington Cyclone at yung Remington Subsonic sa Walther P22 wala problem. Dito lang sa Remington Thunderbolt ako nagka-problem. Nag-kaboom din ako nun sa Remington Cyclone sa Remington 597 pero baka dahil marumi lang ang chamber. I remember nag-kaboom ako sa Armscor hi-vel sa P22.
  16. Nakakainggit talaga dyan, ang mura ng baril.
  17. Dok, bibili na sana ako ng Ruger MKIII at gagawin kong ganito. Lalagyan ko rin sana ng red-dot para puedeng open gun. :)


    Kaya lang serialized pala yung paclite, considered as a firearm already.

    Sakit ko na kasi na bumili muna ng accessories bago bilhin yung baril. :supergrin: Meron na nga akong scope na tinatawaran eh wala pa nga akong rifle...hehehe
  18. Yes it's the lead remington thunderbolts. do you notice that your fingers easily gets dirty when you load magazines using lead remingtons compared to armscor? it's not only the chamber that gets dirty, fingers too!:supergrin:

    Batangueno, yes i also like to have those Pac-lite barrels. TL(tulo-laway)ako sa barrels nila. May mga treaded ends pa so you can put silencers.:) Only solution, get both. :supergrin: Get the mark 3 with bull barrels, they include weaver rails with it so you can put red dot on it. :thumbsup:
  19. Basta Dok, PM ko kayo pag may tanong ako ah. :)
  20. That's true. I cleaned the P22 last night. Balagbag na tira ko after 80 rounds using Remington Thunderbolts. Grabe ang fouling. The barrel has never been that dirty before. Parang nabalutan ng lead all throughout. Nasira ang mga brushes ko at sinundot ko na lang ng bamboo twigs, nag-peel ang lead na parang skin na sa loob. Me 400 rounds pa naman ako nun (pero nabenta ko na kanina ang 100 rounds). After cleaning the P22, I tried it. Di na balagbag. Armscor SS-JHP na lang gamitin ko, pinaka-safe.

    And the fingers get dirty too.
  21. Pati bala at reloading components! Ang bilihan nga ng bala dito per case. ;)
  22. The reason why accuracy suffers when you put on the suppressor and flash hider could be turbulence when the bullet passes through the suppressor and flash hider. That's why match rifles have no restrictions on the muzzle end.

    In my experience, standard velocity and/or subsonic 22lr rounds are more accurate than high velocity rounds. We were never able to get the CCI Stingers to beat the standard velocity Armscor rounds that we fed on a bolt action Squires Bingham rifle.

    A friend of mine used to hunt in Palawan using Winchester standard velocity ammo. He said they were pretty accurate.
  23. Not ammo related but it might explain why you have KBms.

  24. Yung breach face medyo may pagitan sa bolt kaya "head space". Pag may head space ka, may nakalabas na kaunti sa basyo ng bala. Parang firing out of battery.
  25. Pa-check ko sa gunsmith. Parang me uka din yung chamber, dun sa parteng tinatamaan ng extractor kaya parang unsupported yung part na yun ng basyo. Baka puede pa-buildup.