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Orlando, a Different Perspective

Discussion in 'GSSF' started by FotoTomas, Feb 14, 2004.

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    Oct 10, 2001
    Orlando and Daytona Beach Baby!
    Today I had the pleasure of assisting with the setup and running of GSSF Orlando 2004. I have never run a pistol match stage or been a designated RO before. I have assisted at club matches as a fill in but that’s it.

    Today I was sent off to run a “5 to GLOCK” stage. The 3rd one a little away from the others in “Cowboy Town.” I had little to go on and made do. I was almost set up and had several shooters sign in. My assistant RO Brian made it in. Brian was a star in the IDPA put completely in the dark as to what GSSF was about. Between the two of us we got the stage up and running smooth with minor difficulty.

    This is where the different perspective comes in.. I want to “thank you”, the GSSF competitors, for making my day a great success. The help of many people that came through our stage made the difference. Not once did Brian or I have to ask for help when it came to pasting the targets. GLOCKRUNNER and MRS GLOCKRUNNER were invaluable with their work while waiting to shoot. My other friends came down from GA and also helped ss they waited. The competitors were never upset or rude that I know of. They saw how Brian and I were hustling to make it work with two people and chipped in to make it easier.

    I worked the timer and ran the stage, Brian kept the times and score. We had 3+ hours of no letup and thanks to you it was absolutely wonderful. I plan to do it all over again tomorrow! :)
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    Mar 1, 2000
    That's they way it's suppose to be! SALUTE to you and my fellow shooters.;I