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Organized the safe

  1. Got a 6 gun rack from versatile rack company. Simple, but effective. Definitely freed up some space, not that I was hurting for any.

  2. nice, I have always said an organized safe makes for a happy gun.
  3. very nice
  4. Those racks are great, I haven't found any for a while but I did a search on Versatile Rack Company and now know where to get more, thanks.
  5. I definitely like not just having my guns laying flat.
  6. I've got this style of rackson all of the uppermost shelves of my safe. Unfortunately, I'm still running out of room. Questioning now whether to get a second safe or sell the one I have and get a larger one. Or I could always sell off some of the guns that I never shoot. Hmmmmm... :dunno:

    But back on topic, good job on organizing your safe. Now go get some more guns to fill it. Hahahahaha....:rofl:
  7. Now you need more guns :supergrin:
  8. Already working on it. I've got a glock 35 on order that should show up next week and I'm in the market for a springfield TRP Operator, but its hard to find one that is reasonably priced. I think I'll pick up a shotgun when I pick up my 35.
  9. I see room inside that safe better make a trip down to the gun shop and fix that:supergrin: