Organic healing herbs for your dog

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    To build blood and anti toxin

    1 Astragalus

    1.5 Cats Claw

    0.5 Devils Club

    1.0 Red Clover

    0.5 Corn Silk

    0.5 Alfalfa

    4 Tbls. Of herb in quart jar with water. Place in fridge overnight.

    ½ cup in food 2x’s a day


    For Allergies and hot spots

    1/2 teaspoon of Nettle in food 2x’s a day


    Anti toxin

    ½ teaspoon of dandelion root

    ½ teaspoon of yellow dock

    1 cup of water

    Boil water add herbs shut off heat and let steep. Give ½ cup in food 2x’s a day


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