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    John went to specialist after specialist in search of
    a diagnosis, and it finally emerged that he was
    suffering from a rare enzymatic disorder, the only
    treatment for which was fresh breast milk. So he
    advertised in the want ads for a wet nurse, and was
    delighted when a woman promptly responded. Explaining
    the situation over the phone, he negotiated a fee and
    made an appointment for the next day.

    It so happened that John had always been a boob man and
    had an exceptionally skilled set of lips and tongue,
    and that after a few minutes the woman found herself
    extremely aroused. Squirming, and breathing heavily,
    she managed to gasp, "Uhhhh...is there anything else I
    could offer you?"

    "Mmmmmm," murmured Mark, looking up and wiping his
    chin. "You don't happen to have any Oreos, do you?"