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ordering fron Brazos

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has anybody tried ordering/buying parts from brazos custom? what courier do they ship it to?? and is it safe?

im planning to buy a front sight. alin ba dun ang OK? standard, narrow or minidot?
and what blade height?? 0.18 or .16?

or is there a gun shop that sells brazos front sight here??
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It's perfectly safe as long as you use UPS or Fedex. Last year, I ordered an Aimpoint HKLPA mount for about $120 from the US and had it shipped here to the Philippines by way of FedEx. Once the package arrived in Subic, I was being made to pay an additional 3,500 for Customs payment in which I was given a certificate of payment for the mount before Fedex will release the mount to me. A friend of mine was being made to pay 11,000 Customs duties for an Aimpoint CompM2.

Hope this helps
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