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Optic sights: Like or Dislike?

  1. If you have switched to optic sights for your EDC handgun, are you happy, or having tried it, went back to iron? If you are satisfied with your change, which gun and sight system do you have? There is an amazing choice today compared to just a few years ago, running the gamut from fairly inexpensive red dot sights to the Trijicon SRO (specialized reflex optic) sights at about $740.
  2. I’m never switching back to irons. I compete with DeltaPoint Pros and carry an RMR06. I have irons on all my pistols because I have a little Timmy in me.

    You can find SRO’s for $499
  3. I have the SRO. I paid $650. That kinda stung but I really like it.

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  4. I love my optics. They take a lot of time and practice to get used to and proficient with but I will carry them anytime...and I do both on duty guns and my personal guns. In fact, I'm about to buy a new 43 slide milled for the RMSc so I can have a subcompact option. My current fvorite carry is my 19.4 with a Trijicon RM06. I also have another 19.4 with a Vortex Venom and a G45 with a Shield RMS. The RMS is great and sits low enough that it will co-witness with factory standard sights, it just isn't as robust as the RMR or, even, the Vortex. My next optic to try will be a Holosun as I've heard great things about them. In fact, the 407k and 507k will generally fit the same footprint as the Shield RMSc and SMSc so I may very well do a 507k on my 43.
  5. I have a slide set up for my g19 with rmr2 & black iron sights that are cowit. After getting used to it, I like it a lot. Its a bit slower beyond 10y from the holster but 5-10, about the same. At 5y & under I am shooting off the slide index so the dot rarely comes Into play. I havent given up my g26 yet, still irons only, which I am finding the dot practice is making my irons faster still. Where the dot is amazing is beyond 10y & fast transitions & low light.
    I prefer the sro for competition, I like carrying the rmr. I think I paid under $500 from midway when they had a sale on the sro I like the 2.5-3.25 dot size, more than enough for daylight & adjustable so you can dial it up a bit.
  6. Honestly, if it's not about price talk, I prefer AGM optics, especially the latest night vision scopes. They work perfectly in the evening and night hunting time. I'm just curious for now do they produce such night vision scopes for glocks?
  7. Not sure they do.
  8. fredj338, too bad, of course. They do have some budget options like AGM 430PS ( found here: https://www.agmglobalvision.com/direct-view/weapon-optics ), and yeah it seems like there is no way to mount it on the glock, and yeah, it has different size than appropriate model would have. By the way, do you have any night optics on your glock? Or do you have any positive reviews about any model?