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Opinions on this bike?

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I found this bike while looking around on the Triumph site. BTW, there's only a bag on the right side.
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It looks like a new Bonnie done ala Norton style. That looks like a corbin solo seat on the back of it. It is a nice effect. I am hankering for a retro bike a Bonnie T 100 or perhaps a Kaw Drifter. I am getting sentimental for my youth I guess. The nice thing about the new Bonnies is that they work. They start and don't leak oil all over the place like the old ones...LOL!

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Originally posted by fnfalman
They look handsome, but I prefer the cafe racer look of the Thruxton.
I'd have to agree...I've lusted after a Thruxton ever since I first saw one...I've wanted one ever since I rode one. But I always thought that I wouldn't be able to stand the riding posture for very long. Now that I've been down to the local dealer, though, it looks like I'm gonna be buying a Thruxton next week. The Bonnie in the picture I linked to earlier has the rear fender, seat and seat cowl of the Thruxton, which is my favorite part. It's cheaper to buy a Thruxton and put the LSL top clamp/handlebar kit on it than it is to buy a Bonnie (the basic one, not the T100) and give it the rear end of a Thruxton. Plus, you get the larger displacement motor, tach, lighter wheels, adjustable preload forks, rearset pegs, etc. I'm less of a fan of the checkered flag decals on the Thrux than I used to be, so I'll probably end up repainting it later on, but for now it'll be fine. They're both smart looking bikes, and it looks like Triumph is making a quality product. I can't wait to get mine!
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