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Opinions on AIM's $89 Glock conversion barrels?

  1. Saw these online and wondering if its worth a shot. A lot cheaper than other conversion barrels.
  2. It is a pretty well understood art, give it a shot and let us know how it works out.
  3. For $89 it's worth a shot. Get one, wring it out and let us know what you think.
  4. These are sold by Wolf Performance Arms, the same company who offers Wolf ammo.They are not Lone Wolf Distributors. I bought one for my G23, and it has run perfectly, and accurately. Here is a short review I did on mine.
  5. Thanks!
  6. I am in need of a 9mm conversion barrel for my
    g31, I do have one but it's for the g22 and I like
    to have a full set of barrels for each glock, it's
    the boy scout in me.



    Thinking about one of these long g35 threaded 9mm barrels
    reamed to 357 sig,


    What I like about glock most is how versatile they are.
  7. I bought one for my G22. Have only run 10 rounds through it, but it fired those 10 rounds without a problem. Need to get to the range and run about 100-200 rounds through it, then I will let you know how it goes.
  8. Thanks, I look forward to your review!
    Did you get the AIM or the lone wolf one, and is the finish dull like in the picture, or is it polished?
    Thanks again!
  9. I purchased a "Wolf" threaded barrel from "Aim Surplus" for a Gen 3 35.
    Nothing but barrel and caliber appropriate mags, shot a couple hundred of my 125 gr. cast and coated TCs over Win 231 reloads without issue before I sold it, accurate and functioned flawlessly.


    that's pretty much been my experience with every Glock I have bought and used a conversion barrel in whether it came from Lone Wolf, Storm Lake or Aim.

    my take away is to get the cheaper barrel and shoot the cheaper ammo through it for range practice, and if any of the barrels I used HAD occasionally jammed, that would have been clearing a malfunction practice
  10. Sorry I wasn't too clear, but I bought the AIM barrel to convert my G22 to shoot 9mm. The finish is dull like the one in the picture you posted.
  11. A bit late to the party but I got one of the 40-9 G35 conversion barrels and its been flawless so far with nothing but the barrel. Quite accurate as well. I'm going to likely take the plunge with one of their G20 barrels. Theyre hard to beat at the price.