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Opinion on Trijicon HD XR night sights...

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Hi! am considering buying the Trijicon HD XR night sights. Wondering how easy it is to use them at farther rangers (25 to 50 yds). Are they precise for small groups at 25 yds (like 2 inches ). These would go on my Glock 19.
Are they difficult to mount yourself? Thanks!
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I bought two sets of Trijicon HD night sights (not the XR, but they mount the same), one for my Glock 19 and the other for my Glock 26. They were actually very easy to mount myself. Use some locktight on front sight screw, and while it isn't absolutely required, I bought and used a rear sight pusher tool just to make removing and mounting the rear sights much easier.

I found the visibility of the front sight and rear sights in all lighting conditions to be fantastic. I found my accuracy approved at 30 yards greatly over the stock sights as I found it much easier to focus on the front sight.

I definitely recommended them.
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