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Open letter to Glock

  1. They need to produce some new pistols chambered in 7.62x25, .38 Super, and .45 Super.
  2. Why?...:dunno:
  3. I heard at the 2014 Shot Show Glock is going to bring out a 9mm, .40, 45 ACP, 45 GAP , and 10mm Carbine
  4. BECAUSE!!!!!! :supergrin:
  5. Shoulder Fired Tactical Nuke Launcher!!!!!
  6. :faint:

    45 super can be shot from the G20/G21.
  7. A carbine is long overdue.
  8. Because those are really good cartridge chamberings for handguns.
  9. I would love to see Glock bring out a .38 Super, in an all metal gun, in polished stainless. And make it in a G17 slide length with a G19 frame size.
  10. But that would mean they would have to design an entirely different gun. As of now, they really only make the 1 basic gun, in 4 different sizes.
  11. Make it an UZI styled carbine. Then the internals remain the same. Only the furniture needs changing.
  12. A 7.62 x 25 would be cool.
  13. Swap out a heavier spring and you are GTG.

    Lots of fun!!!
  14. How about you also add (in your "open letter to Glock") to resume making extractors like they used to--about 12-15 yrs ago.

  15. A closed letter to Glock: O

    That is all.
  16. I am going to go way out on a limb here, but I don't think Glock will be listening to this.
  17. So why did you start this stupid thread in the wrong forum?

  18. People keep wanting Glock to make new things like they will be the best at everything. Look at the Glock 36. I see more complaints of that than on many common guns.

    Glock is great at double stack polymer framed pistols. They sell as many as they can make. Why would they want to mess with that?

    Look at the initial release of the Gen4 Glocks. Perfection was just a marketing slogan. Now, they have sorted the issues out with the Gen4, though not so much with the 36.

    As to unusual calibers, maybe that will be the thing for the after market to address.
  19. I fixed it for ya. Now Glock gives us another fat .45 and a .380
    instead of a carbine, a slim single stack 9x19, or anything else
    us Glock owners and users have been begging for going on years

    David C.
    aka ccoprdc
  20. If I got to pick a new caliber to add to the Glock lineup, it would be .22mag.
  21. Dear Gaston Glock,

    Please design a personal computer with a Breathalyzer test in order to log on.
  22. Thanks, but just because we don't agree with you it doesn't mean
    we think you are drunk.:whistling:

  23. So good infact, that they've been relegated to niche cartridges below even the 10mm in popularity?

  24. I can remember when .38 Super was the shiznit for bowling pin shoots.
    When the .45 Super came out a few people started using it, but
    it was quickly deemed unusable because it tore the pins up so bad
    that quite a few were rendered junk after only 1 or 2 hits. Now
    those were interesting times in Georgia.

    (I still have 2 Colt .38 Supers, 2 Springfield Armory .38 Supers, and a
    Springfield V16 longslide in .45 Super). Just ordered a ported barrel
    for a G21 to be able to shoot .45 Super.

    David C.
    aka ccoprdc
  25. 458 casull auto rim and a pocket 25 auto!
  26. A carbine should be easy. I shot a G18 this week that was a full auto Glock lower fixed to a carbine upper.

    (Also a Kriss vector with Glock mags)
  27. That would be completely out of their business model which is gun manufacturing genius. Terribly efficient working off the same platform.
  28. .338 lapua double barreled pocket pistol with a 10 magazine clip.

  29. Keltec already has the patent.
  30. Crap...
  31. I believe when the world wanted a single stack, full sized .45acp and Gaston chose to give us the GAP instead, they proved that they do listen. They respond with FU, but they do listen. :supergrin:
  32. There are plenty of Glock customers who are very happy with those releases. You will never please everyone.
  33. What do you expect Glock to bring to the over saturated long gun market? A contractor made AR with their logo on it? A pistol caliber upper you could fit on a Glock lower? Glock has no business in the long gun market.
  34. Since we're asking, put me down for a .45 ACP with identical external dimensions to a 19/23.

    But I suspect a big reason why Glock has remained successful is because they do a limited number of things and do them well.
  35. Dear Gaston Glock:

    Please don't do that. My website would have almost no traffic.

    But if you must - make it a two drink minimum.