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Open Carry in Texas

  1. upload_2018-8-21_18-20-32.png upload_2018-8-21_18-20-32.jpeg
  2. Some ship is missing its turret.
  3. 57mm, used on LCS class built in Mobile
  4. One is for sure that ain't a CCW. Just maybe for KING KONG.
  5. Almost as powerful as a Glock 20.
  6. Illegal. It has to be in a holster. :)
  7. Is it better with #4 or 00 buckshot?
  8. Your right, I went to Texas this morning and read the regulations last night just to be safe.
  9. UN Troops on the move in Southwestern US states!
    Jade Helm 19!
  10. Almost....
  11. The Cajun Navy is taking the getting shot at in Houston serious.

  12. Ok.. So safety railing must be lowered before gun can fire? Were they just shooting at water? Why not a pallet with something sticking up? I understand in some areas they find half submerged vend boxes that fell off freighters in storms.
    I could make some killer moving targets. Remote boat, pulling pontoon like target holder... $1.3 million a copy (plus batteries, remotes, upgrades... ) of course.
  13. Having been a weapons officer on a "real" ship, nuclear systems fore and aft, long range SAMs and a rapid fire 5"/54, I consider the 57mm a wimp and the LCS ships are sadly underarmed. Don
  14. Imagine being right off Omaha Beach, blasting Nazis from your Fletcher class destroyer...
  15. The 57 is OK, the ship just needs to use the right ammo. :supergrin:
  16. Actually that is underway this month again.
  17. Need a volunteer to tell him!

    Are we sure it's not a trucker who's fed up?
  18. M829 Sabot round?

  19. That ought to provide some entertainment here.
  20. Very nice! Perhaps they'll mount it on The Wall overlooking the boarder. And by the way, thank you for your service.
  21. Due to new FBI research it's going back for rework to be re-chambered in 9mm....
  22. It's Americans practicing infiltrating America. Don't sound too hard...