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    Three intrepid explorers are in the deepest darkest part of Africa when they are captured by a hostile tribe and brought before thier chief.
    "You have two choices," bellowed the chief "Death , or OONGA BOONGA!"
    The first explorer steps up , and deciding anything was better than death says "I choose OONGA BOONGA!"
    The chief looks over his tribe and cries "OONGA BOONGA!" at wich ten big burly , well hung natives run out and rectally assault the man . Horrified, and in immense pain, the explorer hobbles away into the jungle, free, but violated.
    The second explorer is aghast at what he has just seen, but after all his *** will heal , and he doesn't want to die , so he meekly declares "I choose OONGA BOONGA."
    The chief looks over his tribe again and cries once more "OONGA BOONGA!!" at which TWENTY big, burly, well hung natives run out and skewer the unfortunate explorer who , barley alive and with no dignity , crawls his way into the jungle.
    The last explorer , by now , has noticed a pattern, and NO WAY was he going to choose OONGA BOONGA , so he bravley steps up before the chief and announces "Chief, I choose Death!!!"
    The chief looks over his tribe and declares "DEATH.... BY OONGA BOONGA!!!!!!!!";P ;f ;)
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    You suck....! And I bet your jaw unhinges like a snake to fit more in! lol


    Thanks again for letting me borrow the 30/06