Ontario RAT-7 knife

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    I finally recieved my RAT-7 knife last night in the mail. What a beauty! I always wanted a large blade knife. The blade is 7" with a 5.5" handle. This knife is solid. It comes with a black Spec-Ops sheath with a utility pocket for either and leatherman or small light or stone. I filled it with a Leatherman Supertool. It fits perfect. I got it from www.marblesknives.com for $80.00. MarblesKnives had the cheapest price I have seen it for on the Net.

    Check this knife out, it is awesome.

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    Feb 27, 2004
    Looks like a fairly good knife for the price.Let me know how it performs and how the Micarta handles do when wet.I'm a Cold Steel fan myself and own several but I'm always in the market for a good deal in a good knife.Good luck and always remember that a knife is your best friend when needed.They can get you anything you need and ask nothing in return,"cept to be kept sharp.