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Only 5 Glocks. Which ones would you have?

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OK guys this is a serious thought I'm having. I'm downsizing everything I own and want to get down to only 5 Glocks. My thoughts are.

1= G42. ( Lightest CC pistol )..Mine are reliable and 380 acp is the smallest / lightest caliber I own.
2= G26. ( Next in line CC pistol ). With the 10 round flush mags they make a great CC pistol. Can also bump to 12 rd mags.
3= G23. ( The perfect belt gun ). I really like the 40cal in the compact. If I could just open carry every day this would probably be all I needed.
4= G17. ( Several reasons ). My wife does not like shooting the G-42,26 or 23. She has no problems with the 17 and I like the capacity. 10 mil is definitely out for her
5= G29SF (BIG TEETH THUMPER). When I'm hiking or camping in Northern PA. its on my belt.

So I think I'll have all my bases covered with these 5.
1= I really like the lightness and size of the G42. Believe it or not its my mouse gun or backup. I won't drop below 380
2= If I need to go concealed with more power the G26 rides nice. 10 rounds of nine with another reload.
3= My hand fits the gen3 23 like it was custom molded for me. I've tried IWB with the compacts but the sub-compacts are my limit.
4= I shoot this really well and so does the wife.
5= 10 mil is expensive but hits like a 41mag. I own and have carried 44 mag in the woods. The 29SF was just an option at first. Then I carried it all day.

I know as a minimalist you could get by with less. Only owning 5 Glocks in 4 calibers is ME being a minimalist. Anything I'm missing?

EDIT- I am simply downsizing. Nothing more / nothing less.
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1. G43
2. G26
3. G19
4. G17
5. G29

I would skip the .380 and the .40 and go with 9mm with quality ammunition such as 124gr.+P or 147gr. Gold Dot, HST, Ranger T.
Big bore for the woods and same ammunition for the other four. Your wife could probably shoot the G19 well also.

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I think I'm taking the minimalist crown for now... anyway here's my list:

43 - like it a lot
23 - can convert to 357 or 9mm easily enough.
22 - same conversions available as 23
32C - discontinued, who knows maybe a collector item. :)
17 - 25th Anniversary

That's the thing, with the conversions out there for Glocks, I really don't need a 19/23/32 when I can throw a different barrel and magazine in the same frame/slide. Heck I could shoot ,22 out of them with a kit making a four guns in one sort of thing. :)

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I think I could make do more than adequately with a G43, G26 and G43 as my only Glocks. If I felt five was the operant number of Glocks then I would add the G41 and G30.

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I think almost everygun on your list is ok except the 29sf.. i would much rather and do hike with a fullsize 21sf or 20sf.. if your limiting yourself to 5 get rid of that niche 29sf . You have too many guns that fill the ccw roll already

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43,26,19,34,21/41(which is next on the list).

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In order:

17--original, and still greatest service pistol ever.
26--concealable, back up to G17
30--because .45 acp, 'merica
43--deeper concealment, but still a 9mm Glock
19--compromise for Goldilocks (not too big, not too small).

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19, 26, 21, 30 & 20.
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