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    I had an interesting talk at the airport today with someone who is researching online role playing games played by many people simultaneously. I've heard of the big ones like Warcraft in passing but I had no clue how popular these games are. Her research is actually of a much smaller game than Warcraft, based on Asian mythology. I didn't actually see the game nor do I think it would be my cup of tea, but apparently it has several thousand players, a very active social network, battle hierarchy and its own economy. Furthermore, it seems that people have formed real life relationships from the game and the game has led to real life divorces. I was pretty amazed by this. As I recall, the game she is researching is called Nexus, Kingdom of ?????? (don't remember that much).

    My question is are any of you active gamers and is the game culture as involved as I was told? Heck, I thought internet forums were the ultimate time burners, but perhaps I should stand corrected.