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Online auctions that deal with used Glock kit?

  1. Hi,

    I've been holster and accessory shopping for my Glock 19 and other pistols, and I can't find any auction site that really deals with slightly used, high-end accessories.

    I'm talking about used custom leather, used shot timers, .22 conversion kits, used Glock magazines, whatever.

    I know gunbroker and gunsamerica, but their sites are impersonal and their kit is rarely top notch.

    My first question is this - does such a site exist that caters to us specialists? I know I refer to my Glock, but there must be a market in the 1911 community, AR, 10/22, etc.

    Second question - if not, is there a significant market were I to start my own such site? Are people wanting to find a way to reduce their holster bin clutter (I know I am), sell of a used shot timer, get rid of an extra gun case, or make some quick cash on an accessory they found out wasn't for them?

    I'm presenting this academically, but I'm interested in the market potential.

  2. Check the FS board here. Some of the best stuff goes within minutes.
  3. Thanks for the input.

    That site is a great resource - but it simply a concise way to view all the other auctions and boards.

    Again, what if there existed a specific site that was a consolidated gathering place for selling firearms accessories? Of course we'd have a Glock section, a Sig section, 1911, AK, etc., but you wouldn't have to go anywhere else for the gear. Would people post their kit on their to sell? Would people buy it?

    Thanks again
  4. I'm sorry but I just don't see how another auction site could be viable. Long time Glock Talkers will remember when Eric tried to start a Glock Talk auction to raise operating money. There were few listings and even fewer sales. It lasted six months and then disappeared - just not enough exposure.

    The biggest place to sell and buy gun accessories (by far!) is eBay. Then come the classified sub-forums of AR-15, GT, The High Road, etc. Gunbroker and the other gun specific auction houses have parts listings with high prices and (I suspect) few sales. Another place to sell is on Amazon.

    From my experience, most shooters do not want to buy used accessories anyway. I have found that unless what you are selling is new, or very nearly new, there are few takers at any price.