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Online “Dating”

  1. I’m 10 months divorced after being married for 15/together for 17 (age 23-40). I’m sure it existed when I was 23 but it was easy enough to meet people at that age I’d never considered it.

    Soooo many “woke liberals”. They come across as bitter in their profiles, late 30s-mid 40s, never married, no kids but want them. Everyone is a world traveler, scuba diver, etc. love the profiles where they state that money = happiness but they’d be okay if their significant other had a minimum wage job, ok.....

    I’m giving it 6 months and then I’ll remain happily single. Anyone else wading through the swamp?
  2. calling @G30SF/F-250 , GT's expert on swiping left or right....
  3. I had an online romance once. It didn't work out as well in real life once we met face to face and that's often the case. After we met, we moved in together and the honeymoon lasted about 6 months.
  4. I “heart” sushi, wine and world travel. Send me a message if you want to learn more about me....:animlol:

    How about you spend 30 minutes formulating something you can copy and paste to all the sites/apps that describes who you are inherently inside and what you’re looking for. Sushi, wine and world travel isn’t enough of a foundation to build a relationship upon.
  5. I've got a POF account. It's a sad, sad world out there for the over 40 dating. I think I'm just going to remain single.
  6. My pornhub relationships have been quite satisfying.
  7. Maybe try co-rec sport or other club hobby type group (just not something super sausage festy). That way you get to see potential dates before having to really interact with them.
  8. Your first mistake is looking for love. Don't do that. Look for dates and then start focusing on doing the hump and dump until the right one comes along.
  9. Maybe he’s looking for a relationship that lasts for more than 3 minutes? :D
  10. I've been married for almost 24 years, so my opinion is probably worthless, but there HAS to be a better way to meet someone you would "click" with other than online.

    What are your hobbies and interests? How about having your buddies wives fix you up with one of their hawt friends?

    Also, you might be better off with multiple friends with benefits until the newness of being single wears off. I've always heard that relatively successful single guys in their 40's have little trouble finding poon.

    Edit to add: Dale beat me to it.
  11. My mother had good luck on eharmony, being a paid program should weed out the trolls.
  12. Here's what I've gathered...you will have the most success finding and dating women near where you live. Those long distance "relationships" online are usually either frauds or turn into a catfish of a disappointment.
  13. I wasn't looking when I found my wife of 23 years. If something happened to her or my marriage, I sure as hell wouldn't start looking. If it happens, it happens. It's been my experience that those looking are generally co-dependent sorts and have to have someone in their life. We're going through that with my father in law. Nothing creepier than a thirsty 74 year old widower.
  14. Seriously, this was lurking in my inbox.


    I mean when half the "matches" make you LITERALLY jump back in your seat....
  15. Not looking for love, looking for someone worth taking out and getting to know better. If someone can’t see past the facade of BLM (for example) and they believe it is a social movement vs political movement, it shows that they don’t have the ability to think outside the box. Not wasting my time or money on stupid, closed minded people.
  16. Why spoil it. just stay single and enjoy life
  17. Met my current wife on match.com. Went there after 17 years of marriage ended. It worked out well. I just used it as a way to meet people for coffee or a drink and see how it goes. Had a good time meeting new people. I didn’t spend more than a few back and forths before asking if they want to meet for coffee. No interest is in a pen pal. Most people was coffee and an hour of conversation and that was it. A few went on to dinner a couple invited to my house for dinner and one became my wife. Been together 6 years now. Met some interesting people in the process. Former pro golfer, commercial airline pilot, lawyer.

    Match was just a way to find people in the area to talk with that are also looking for someone. Odds of me just bumping into them otherwise as I go about my life was small.
  18. Wow.

    So how was she?
  19. There’s something to be said for it. If I can’t find a good match I will. I’d rather be single and happy than with someone else and have less happiness than I have now. Ideal situation is be with someone and have more happiness. That’s the only thing I’ll accept.
  20. Years ago, I used to troll Craig's List personal adds. It was the wild wild west of online dating. I liked it because there was minimal structure. Back then there was a lot of Match.com type stuff with a lot of fill in the form questions I didn't want to deal with. Picking around the hooker ads, and other avoidables, I found one that looked inoffensive, topical, and interested in someone actually like me (other than I was older than her range.) Date happened. We've been together thirteen years.
  21. She had this whole goth thing going and was into sacrificing chickens so I went with a hard pass. Need her email?
  22. IIRC from prior threads like this:

    #1. Avoid free dating sites
    #2. Only use dating sites that have a membership fee.
    #3. See #1 again.

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  23. Good luck JMS. I wish you well. I'll have been married for 47 years next week. If something should happen that I ended up single, I would not entertain on line matching or dating. tom.:cowboy:
  24. No, but I'll accept both pics of and email for the chickens.

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  25. That depends. Does she make good fried chicken out of the sacrifices?
  26. Ding, ding, ding...we have a winner

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  27. I feel this is completely subjective. Before I met my wife I tried out eHarmony. They gave me a massive discount for 3 month paid trial. Thinking it would work cause you know, it's eHarmony. Three months later, out of the hundreds of "matches" only 3 of them actually lived in my state. And those 3 were over 4hrs away from me. Screw that.

    Personally I had more dates and promise from Tinder. Hell I even met my wife on Tinder. We clicked right a way. You just gotta wade through the trash.

    Stay off POF though. Found nothing but Hill Have Eyes extras on there. Scary stuff.
  28. For me it works out great.

    I usually won’t swipe one within 40 miles of the house unless they have some thicc thighs.

    I have people in different states that I have been told to hit up next time I am in town.

    Some profiles are entertaining.

    I don’t understand why so many chicks have selfies in hotel rooms.

    Once I swiped a tranny by accident so you have to pay attention.....:whistling:
  29. Guy by the name of Colin MacEnroe wrote a book some years back mocking self-help & weight loss gimmicks and a bunch of other stuff.

    He had a personal ad he suggested one run in the local paper in the lonely hearts' section.

    (I did say it was some years ago.)

    Went something like this.

    "SWM. 50. Fit. Clean. Gainfully employed. Independent. Trustworthy. Not into games. Owns home. Porsche. Enjoys long walks on beach. Fireside chats. Likes Hitchcock Truffaut. Did mention Porsche? Good. Not looking for companion, lover etc. Basically happy by self. Just thought you'd like to know."
  30. Did he out drink you, and piss a longer stream? Lmao!!
  31. whoever said, "The devil has the power to assume a pleasing disguise" (Shakespeare actually) never saw this image.
  32. Skip the dating sites. If you want a companion to share your life with you only need to go to Petfinder. You won't find a good partner on any dating site, but every single dog or cat on Petfinder will be perfect.
  33. Stay single, move to a touristy beach place, bang all the hot single chicks that show up every week... oh and definitely make sure to get a vasectomy lol!!
  34. Women's profiles are fun to read, and many go something like:

    Where are all the good men? You must be 6' or taller, fit, good hair, make 6 figures, make me the center of your life, accept my two crotchfruit like they are your own and know they are the center of my life, along with my cats. You better not say anything about my physical appearance because that's judgmental and shallow. Trump voters need not respond.

    Where are all the good men?
  35. Best thing I ever did.
  36. Um.

    Remember. Age range 21 to 25 for a while until you decide you want more than fun...
  37. She

    If they have bewbies it’s a she.
  38. Go to an antifa rally. Those are the chicks online.

  39. Well, sometimes....
  40. Well, you know what they say...

    My dog crapped all over my carpet this morning, which, come to think of it, does remind me of my first wife.
  41. I have used online dating a lot . I haven’t found my soulmate , but I have had a lot of fun .
  42. My experience was a few years back. Some of the people I met resulted in drama, crazy, and/or trouble. You have to be ready to bail as soon as snakes start emerging from their craniums. I also met 2 women I grew to love. It is a crap shoot. I cannot imagine how the way this virus has limited get-togethers has affected the dating scene.
  43. Suuuurrre you did.
  44. "come find me"

    I heard she likes nice guys.

  45. How come the 40 mile rule? Have you already struck out with all the women (and maybe 1 tranny :rolleyes:) in your county?
  46. Sure "accident"
  47. She looked like a frisky goth chick.....