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    Sep 10, 2001
    A man was injured in an industrial accident and was rushed to a doctor who determined that one of his testicles was crushed. The crushed testicle was removed and the man was assured that he would be fine, no complications.

    Physically he was fine, but mentally he knew he was lighter on one side than the other, which caused him to walk in circles. After trying to overcome the problem without any luck he returned to the doctor very distraught.

    "Doc! You've got to help me. I am about to lose my job and my wife because of walking in circles!"

    Well, the doctor had never encountered such a problem. As he pondered it, he went to his refrigerator for a snack. There he noticed an onion. Ha! He quickly measured the man's remaining testicle, peeled off layers of onion until the onion was exactly the same size as his testicle.

    A minor operation, and the man walked out of the office as straight as an arrow!

    And to this day that man is normal - - - - with two exceptions:

    When he sees a hamburger he gets an erection, and when he pees, his eyes water....